Its November?!

Hi there whoever you are! I don’t know where the time has went but apparently its mid November..

Months have passed and yet I feel as if time has stopped for me as if I was a rock in the middle of a fast moving stream of life. More like a bystander just observing the things around me change.

Even this little puppy – meet Cinnamon aka Mini – my mini #longhairdontcare dachshund..

She has grown from this..8V4A0005to this.. in 4 months


Look at me! I’m a dog now!

I wish I could say the same about me.. ” Look at me! I’m an adult!” hahah..

Perhaps one day..


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Symphonies = Weddings

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    Tegan+John ~ Bryon Bay Beach Wedding

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    Tegan+John ~ Bryon Bay Beach Wedding

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    Tegan+John ~ Bryon Bay Beach Wedding

Blast from the past, just finished uploading one of my first weddings – Tegan + John ~ Bryon Bay Beach Wedding into my portfolio (The P files).

This beach wedding was so much fun to photograph and will always have a special place in my heart. Not only because it was beautiful but more so because, while driving to beach, the bride suddenly remembered that forgot to bring her vows that she wrote that very morning while on the toilet (the best thoughts come out there!) and just as quickly, typed up what she could remember on her iphone! She is an amazing woman.

Thanks Tegan and John for giving me the chance and letting me be my first.

Wanting to be “creative” ie. different, I wanted to label my portfolio as such – Symphonies – as a wedding is like an orchestra, the instruments – family and friends coming together and celebrating the beautiful movements as a whole.


See my other Symphonies below..


Ashleigh + Daniel ~ Tallebudgera Valley Wedding

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Vanessa + David ~ Tea Ceremony / Wedding

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Tegan + John ~ Bryon Bay Beach Wedding

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OCD mess

Hey there !!

I’m still around.. Doing lots of stuff and always at the same time..

I have lost a little motivation for this site which has prevented me putting up recent updates esp feeling I cant put nice things on a stale site OCD!! BUT..

I know exactly what needs to be done! A complete overhaul of my website. Gosh where can I find the time ??

(I started this post in Oct 2012, this is the 2015 update to just publishing drafts that have just been sitting in draft mode – boo! don’t care its here! And.. as you can see there has been a bit more progress since then!)

Super Trees - Singapore

I dont know what I’m doing..

Where I have been and gone.. now what? These last few years have been challenging and just when I thought I knew I was going.. I’m suddenly lost again.

Getting lost in this big world and not really knowing where you are going or what you should be doing. Every place seems like a distant memory, a captured moment in time almost like a daydream from reality.

And so the cycle begins again..

*more randomness thoughts and ramblings that make no sense*


Hello today ! 2015 !

Keep on tryin’~

Keep on walkin’ ~

Don’t worry there’s always tomorrow..

I don’t have anything to profound to write here in this moment..  but I wanted to do a first post for 2015.. so here is a photo instead.. one of many that will need to be uploaded into the P files <– my portfolio


Happy 2015 everyone! May you find a bit of sunshine in everyday and be inspired..


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