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The only way to drink milk

Introducing Sack boy – a character from the PS game Little Big Planet ^^ He’s been adopted by Hika and will be appearing here every now and again! Yesterday I got him to pose with my Strawberry Sipahh, these are straws filled with the flavouring beads inside the straw (super awesome idea) !!  and are loveeeee.. FACT – I can’t drink normal milk, it makes me sick ㅠㅠ and soy milk tastes horrible – the little kid inside of me can only have flavoured stuff! Also buying a whole carton of flavoured milk or powder mixes will probably go to waste unless everyone else in my family likes its~ I can have a different flavour everyday !! Theres the usual chocolate, strawberry, caramel, banana.. and then the special ones – cookies and cream,choc mint.. and toffee apple !! XD This post sounds like an ad.. but its not ~~  just wanna share my new discovery ~! But if someone from the company sees this and wants to give me free sipahhs, I’ll be happy to accept ^^b

Strawberry Sippah = yummy!!

Sackboy on a misson to find the next straw!

Always lazy after my 3 day work weekend + add Starcraft 2 = no post ^^; Sorry, will try to post a least once a week! Determination ++ !!

Rome 2007

4 days in Roma – The Eternal City Travelled from Paris to Rome by overnight train (we were lucky to even get to Rome because there was a railway strike at the time!!) TIP – overnight trains once in a lifetime experience but never again! There were 6 people travelling in our carriage – felt like cattle and it was scary because you don’t know if someone will rob you overnight when you’re sleeping!

Also lucky to see ancient Rome before it disappears.. but it’s such a touristy place!  TIP 2 –  Don’t accept help from strangers, kindness from strangers doesn’t exist in Rome – but they are tricking you and WILL DEMAND MONEY saying it’s part of their ‘job’. Sadly enough it happened to me a Roman offering to take my photo (thought he was gonna steal my camera!) wanted 5 Euros >_< So many hawkers on the streets too, so dodgy dodge!


Hair cut + scary face

I tagged along with my parents this afternoon to Inala (they like to go there for their groceries despite the millions of asian shops nearer to us o_o;  although FACT – my parents used to run a restaurant there when I was younger!) with my brother Shin and we got our hair cut today at ViVi, a  Korean hair salon. Apparently on their business card it says “the BEST Korean Stylist in Brisbane INALA” lol, I’m sure this is true because I don’t think there is another Korean stylist in Inala XD

Anyway they were nice, they guy cutting my hair was WEIRD though =3 I think his name was Jimmy. He told me my face looked scary if I didn’t smile, and so forced me to smile or he wouldn’t finish cutting my hair o_o;  He also complained my hair was thin and asked if I had babies hahaha~ he explained (in broken english) that when you have babies your hair gets thinner and said he was worried for me ㅠ_ㅠ He also lied to me and said he was 25 when he was actually 34 (with 2 babies!! XD ) Also I don’t think he liked the style I choose coz he kept wanting to show me other pictures..

I miss Sandra, she’s my ‘hair designer’ in Kwangju =D She cuts hair good and doesn’t make weird comments.. but anyway I like my current cut, reasonable price – although mum was still shocked and said she could cut it herself, she didn’t even notice my brother got his hair cut too haha *FAIL*. Also stylist Jimmy liked my vest so much he tried it on ^^;; Too bad he deleted the pictures on my camera before I left

Will continue my Europe posts tomorrow~ ^^

Paris 2007

Remembering my Europe trip ^^ Its been 3 years already (OMG), triggered yesterday by Brielle (one of my pharmacy girls) who recently came back from her trip to Europe, and showed me her precious photo memories… so here I am posting a few of MY memories~ Starting with Paris ♥ !


Uneventful day?

First post using my iPhone! Just to prove I can post anywhere anytime •_•* excited much?

Just got home from work around 10.30pm after my usual 13 hour shift – where today I had to report a forged script to the police *insert sarcastic YAY!* – really it’s more trouble than it’s worth, tried to detain the guy until the police came (they were only down the road! still took them foreverrr) but efforts failed coz he noticed it was taking too long and now I gotta fill in paper work blehhhhhhh.. should have just tore up the script and told him to run XD

Signing off for the night – here’s the view from where I’m so lazily posting from (my bed) – it’s my Yoshi !

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