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Sick + Bleh

Sorry havent posted lately~ work plus sickness took over.. WARNING – WHINGEY POST AHEAD

I thought it was weird when I was at work this Saturday and my legs were so sore and achey I couldn’t stand up for long then my back started hurting too! Thought I was just tired and lacked sleep (and dare I say – getting OLD?!)  but.. yesterday, thank gosh, was my day off and I spent most of it bored in bed because I had no energy and so achey I couldn’t move, couldn’t really sleep well too despite being tired ><~

Today~ bit better, still achey energy levels improving~ yay! But still don’t know whats wrong with me..  whats weird though.. is having your fingers ache haha..

I also realised this weekend that need to modify my layout – it looks deformed in Internet Explorer and at smaller resolutions. So selfish of me to design only for my screen and browser – ugh I suck as a web designer XD

I’m off to watch a movie now~ Going the Distance with my bestie Lain Lain~ maybe something to learn from this movie ^^

Happy SPRING! Sack boy @ Manly

Hi everyone~! Today is the first day of SPRING in Australia ^^! Warm, a little windy but sunshiney~ *insert smiley sun icon here*

Went on a small outting to Manly with Mr sack boy and got some awesome shots.. wayyy TOO MANY sack boy shots (that I got tired of editing his photos XD ), I don’t want to overwhelm so will post more in another post!


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