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Melbourne Cup 2010 @ Gold Coast Turf Club

Its been 23 days since I took these photos ^^;;  I keep procrastinating getting distracted – even now lol, I’m in between windows ordering stuffs from Gmarket..

For those who aren’t Australian, Melbourne Cup is THE famous horse race held in Melbourne every year on the first Tuesday of November. Labelled as ‘the race that stops the nation’ (lol who came up with that) it’s about betting, horses, drinking and for girls it usually means fashion~

So obviously, for it to stop the whole nation, you don’t have to be in Melbourne to be part of it. If you’re not in Melbourne you’re most likely to be watching it on TV.For the special few that get the day off work like me *woot* you can go to a race course or in my case – the Gold Coast Turf Club which was part of Melbourne Cup day races. Awesome because you can see a live horse race too!

This is the race at Gold Coast – not Melbourne cup..  I labelled this one as ‘Horses and the city’ hehe lame I know ^^; The buildings make a awesome backdrop~

My race dress.. and my sailor hat from Halloween ^^  On the advice from my mum and Lindsay. I forwent the usual fasinator/hat that people normally wear because it was more ‘fun’ . Plus it also suited my outfit right? ^^! WIN WIN for multiple usage! Although guys were like ‘Hey sailor’ -_-;; Suppose I deserved that lol.


Fashion WTF

I haven’t posted in awhile because I have no pretty photos to show.. Yes I know I was suppose to post Melbourne Cup day ones but I haven’t been motivated to process them all yet.. and I know people who are waiting for them..


So today I have presented you with a FASHION DONT wtf. Taken today at Grilled Burgers@ Garden City. No. 23 you know who you are, not likely that you’ll ever come across my blog though =P Yeah.. I’m not that popular *sadface* Sorry for the crappy photos, it was iphone. (iphone is not a adjective but I’m making it one)

Shirt – short sleeve stripped collared shirt – okay
Pants – tracksuit pants – hmm maybe okay?
ShoesHOUSE SLIPPERS !! O_O! oh no you did not!

No guys, they were not thongs (or flip flops for those in the US) they were SLIPPERS you wear inside the house. Thongs are okay to wear in Australia, everyone wears them – nothing wrong with them (well except in certain places XD), but this particular person chose slippers. Maybe it wouldnt have been so bad if he just wore a normal T-shirt to go with his trackpants, but no, he went a little dressier and it all went down hill from there – all the way to his feet.

Sorry No. 23 for picking on you. I’m no fashion police (nor am I qualified to be one) but really??

ps. I’m waiting for Gossip Girl Season 4, Episode 8 to finish downloading !

Finally China Post 3

A very overdue China post.. its been a month since I went on that tour. So this is the final chapter…

Days 5,6,7  in photo spammage – Nanjing, Huangzhou and Shanghai Expo

Warning – Contains large post with LOTS of photos

My favourite photo from Huangzhou theater show


Happy Late Hallo-weenie

This is a catch up post I planned for Halloween but missed due to a looooooong day of work, followed by a loooooooong day of rest (and an preempted impromptu shopping trip as per last entry XD )

Back in September I went to Klub Kandy – uni student dance party @ Family / Halloween in September – so yup! Halloween came early for me, quite unexpectedly too! My awesome friend Lindsay messaged me in the morning and asked if I wanted to go KK. Being stupid, I thought KK stood for KaraoKe so.. I said SURE! Why not right?

Anyway to the point. Average age range from 18-24? Lets say I am no longer in that range, and I haven’t been to a dance party in a LONG time.

Besides that fact I ended up having fun, reason being… I got to dress up! Yay for Halloween in September! They did this because Halloween falls during study prep week and good for me because I worked Halloween. Looking back I think this is my first ever halloween dress up party o_o!

Mean Girls – In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it”

Hence Lindsay transforming from B-Girl dancer to school girl..
She’s so awesome she can even pose while putting on a sock!

My highschool friend Ouch, the mummy photographer. I asked him if I could have his camera. He said no. Side note: I’ve never seen a mummy wear glasses before. He told me it took 2 hours to ‘put’ on his costume. He also had to figure out the logistics of being able to pee while wearing his costume. o_o;;

Posing @ Family – got free devil headbands – yay another addition to my headgear collection

Leaving @ 3am tired and sweaty – we had a good work out

Lastly – some sailor camwhoring !

Things I’ve learnt

  • Drinks including water cost money so suck up to the bartender =  free water and mocktails!
  • Don’t bring an SLR camera – almost 1kg weight is impossible to dance and carry round, also not so cool
  • Don’t give your number to strangers at KK – they could turn out to be 9 years younger than you ^^;
  • Wear flat shoes and not heels, not matter how good they look – its nice to be able to dance without complaining about your feet
  • Bring cash – credit does not work, also I dont think many students have credit cards haha..
  • Its fun to dress up  – the kid in me has never left
  • I have more endurance than I thought and all without alcohol! High on life wooooo! XD
  • Its fun to go back in time – reliving the moments of my youth haha..  *sigh*

Will be posting up photos from the races soonish!

I buy things – things to wear

Today we take a break from our regular photolog travel bloggin to bring you a post about things I’ve wasted money on..

Guys – possibly not interested, tune in next time =D

Forced myself to go shopping after a tiring nanna nap (yup! woke up more tired than before I napped!) and went to DFO today (Discount Factory Outlet!) because well.. I can? XD
Forever New is having a ‘Buy 1 get 1 Free’  SALE! Soooo.. I ended up with 4 items

I know~ not full shots but meh, I didnt feel like changing my lens so I’m going the artistic route

Cute stripped bolero jacket from 69.99 to 39.95 AUD – love the pin! Material is nice too, warm but not too warm, cropped sleeves good for nights and autumn (lol, I know, wrong season for Australia, I shop backwards)