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This time last year

As the new year comes around.. omg in another 2.5 days (3 days, depending on where you live!), it’s that time again to be a little nostalgic and see how you have wasted spent another year!

This time last year 29 Dec 2009 I was..

Taking a lot of bokeh light photos ^^*

Next day 30th Dec, with the summer rain – stopping at night for a photo of new mushrooms at night

New years eve 2009 – New years day 2010 – Firework view from Sam’s house

then.. I worked on the very first day of 2010… OTL

Btw, Merry (belated, bah hum bug) Christmas.. as usual not a big thing for me because I worked and well.. no one to celebrate it with anyway ㅠ_ㅠ huhu~

Better for me to be left out in the festivities so I guess I must thank work for allowing me to do so.. Hmm.. seems I spend all the ‘important’ days working ._.; sucks to be me

Anyway! New year coming and..
2010 highlights in the next post !!

The Days Before Christmas

Cannot for the life of me make a coherent post for the last week or so.. because I’ve been lazy busy.

So here’s another mishmash of things that have happened in the last few days..


Dec 14th – 2nd Konad experiment..

Base – Orly – Blackout +  VOV Chamon – Lilac
Stamp – Konad special white, Sally Hansen X-treme wear – Celeb City, Revlon Not So Blue-Berry
Top – Sally Hansen Diamond Shine
Plate – m57 – leopard print / lace leopard print

Couldn’t decide whether I wanted to go light or dark so I went with BOTH hence the black and lilac. Celeb City as a stamp colour worked the best so far..  Revlon Not so Blue-Berry umm.. not bad coz its not as contrasty but  smell is nice – constantly asking people to smell my fingers (lol! they smell like berries okay?!). The leopard print is turned out reallly good, people kept asking me if it was fake or a sticker.  Fact – I’ve only had a proper manicure done once in my life only because Moon took me while I was in Korea =3 I think manicures are a waste of money esp because I’m so careless. In conclusion – konad is awesomesauce I can do myself!


Dec 15th – Guess what this is…



I won’t show you my failed experiment when I first ripped the package and tried every colour and stamp – it was SCARY O_O!

Here is my first proper attempt at konad stamping! Oh and I should probably give a warning that

  • This is another girly post XD
  • I’m  terrible at doing my nails
  • My nails are weak and tend to break and peel easy- it was a wonder my nails are at somewhat decent length to do this!
  • Already day 2 and they had started chipping when I took this photo (I’m not the most delicate person so I trash my nails XD )
  • It’s my first time stamping!

Nail of the day/week/whenever it comes off! aka NOTD (keke, I’m learning and implementing new internet annotations)

Base – Arezia – teal green
Stamp – Konad special white + Skin Food Pedisparkle – rose gold
Top – Sally Hansen Diamond Shine
Plate – Konad S9

Omg I plate S9 ^^ I have a weakness for Japanese prints. I also luvvv the sakura and the kimono doll so I went for those first! Always loved this teal colour I bought from Sasa in China and thought gold would be a perfect match.. but..

I wasn’t sure how the gold polish was going to work because you’re suppose to use the special polish for stamping because its thicker – it also dries incredibly fast so you have to be quick when stamping!

So anyway.. I went with the konad special white because it shows up better and used gold on top as an accent instead. From far away the gold on top makes it look a bit messy like I’ve made a mistake >< so might try the gold alone again sometime.. Overall not a bad job for my first time, quite proud of myself despite being a little smudgy here and there haha..

Showing you my middle finger! (in macro shot with flash!) XD

Things I’ve learnt

  • The metal scraper that comes with the kit – don’t use it, it leaves scratch marks on your precious plates !! You can already see the marks on my plate ㅠ_ㅜ I using a laminated card now which works just as well (lol thanks Brisbane Rocksports)
  • Be quick at stamping or the polish drys on the plate and nothing comes out
  • Other polishes do work on the plates, just wait for them to dry out a bit on the plate, lightly scrape back and forth to get it in the pattern – although they may not be as opaque as the special polishes, so choose something contrasty
  • If you’re unco like me, its possible to roll your nail over the stamp to get good positioning rather than rolling the stamp over your nail
  • After stamping, it still may smudge especially when putting on top coat.. solution is to use a lot of top coat and don’t brush on the newly stamped pattern – just use the brush to spread the coat over
  • Not as hard as it looks and is childishly fun !!

Oh and I bought the basics konad kit myself from Gmarket – see my last post. @Yeeshin will show you the wig soon in upcoming post ~ ^^

Finally, here’s some more photo spammage..

GG* Gmarket

You got me hooked.. and on my first order!

Gmarket = Korea’s kindalike version of eBay (but not eBay) –  and is owned by eBay lol except I can buy all kinda special crap (see below for more info)

So… it arrived this morning ~!! Much happiness~! ^^

So what kinda crap did I get?

Big EMS post box, I ripped it open!

The packages from diff sellers


1 2