January 2011 archive

50000 Won won

I gots paid to shop~!! My GG* Gmarket post won me 50000 won!! Yay!  ^^

Its time to put in my next order~ ! Maybe will put it in before the end of this month before my coupons run out XD  Then then.. I can win another gift certificate and order more and more (I can see a vicious cyle here!)

… and yes pun FULLY intended =3 I know .. much lamesauce hehe..

Ray + Linds @ New Farm

Yay~ my very first couple shoot ♥ ^^ Ray is the ‘some guy’ thats taking my awesome friend Lindsay foreveeer far away to Canada on a white horse plane. *sad face AND happy face*

Didn’t do too badly I thinks? Helps too when they are gorgeous people! Taken at New Farm Park / Power house at lucky for us it was one of the few days it wasn’t raining.

Wonder when I can get paid lots of money to do this.. probably when I can provide enough direction haha! Coz my ‘act natural, like you’re on a date! and I’m not here!’ wasn’t enough ^^;; I’m still learning! Thanks so much guys for giving me the chance to do this and also give you something you can always remember and be vain about when you’re living it up the cold climates of Canada.

Anywayyy.. heres a few of my favourites ♥~