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Making takoyaki

Was making takoyaki so decided to take my iPad2 with me for entertainment while cooking but then decided to take photos and then turn this into a how-to! So excuse the quality of the iPad camera haha

Updated with better quality photo taken from May 2010 XD ! 1 year ago ~deja vu anyone?


  • octopus ie tako
  • 100 grams takoyaki mix
  • 340 ml water (1.5 cups)
  • 1 medium sized egg
  • spring/green onion chopped – white, light green part is best
  • pickled ginger finely sliced
  • okonomiyaki sauce
  • kewpie mayonnaise (Japanese mayo)
  • bonito flakes/katsuobushi (optional)
  • dried seaweed flakes/aonori (optional)

The ingredients! Prepared ready to be put together..

Measure out 100 grams of takoyaki flour mix (hehe 2gm over oops!) Its possible to make yourself if you googled but just easier to buy from Asian supermarket

Add the egg! I do this first because when you add it later (after the water) the yolk tends to float on top lol learning from my mistakes!

After adding the egg add a small amount of the water till the consistency is smooth

Add the rest of the water, it should bubble slightly but is liquidy with no lumps hopefully!!

Takoyaki plate or a Dutch pancake maker! just used in a different way! Mum bought this at Kmart for around $20~ I think you can find it on eBay too.. I slightly greased it with cooking oil spray but it’s probably not necessary because the pan is non stick

Need to get these ready to go in.. so make sure they are cut up before hand. If your wondering why the tako is so small it’s because I used baby octopus because it’s cheaper!! If you buy the big tentacles I think it cost 4x as much $_$ probably tastier and chewier ?

Wait till the pan is hot (don’t touch it lol!) then fill the holes with the mix it’s okay if it overflows- it’s actually better because it means they will turn into full spheres/balls rather than half filled deflated ones hehe

Add the boiled tako, chopped up pickled ginger and spring onion evenly in each of the holes. If you wanted to be technical the ratio should be 5:1:3 lol too much ginger overwhelms the taste of the tako as I have also learnt hahaha

It’s cooking!! So wait until the bottom is cooked or the excess round it looks it’s a bit brown or crisp..

..and use a wooden pick/skewer to separate the overflowing bits on top and shove the excess on top or into the holes. If it’s cooked properly on the bottom then poke through and spin/turn it to the side so the liquidy inside spills into the rest of the hole to cook so it will turn into a 3/4 filled sphere. If it’s cooked properly it will turn easily if it’s still sticking or your pick slices straight through be more patient!!

Almost there! Wait for that bit to turn crispy and continue flipping it over again to make a full sphere

Should look something like this! You should be able to easily spin it around in the pan with the pick to see if it’s cooked all round. If you like it crispy/ burnt on the outside leave it awhile longer but I’d turn off the power and use the left over heat

Toppings! Okonomiyaki sauce (the salty) and kewpie mayo (the sweet) in any order and however much suits your taste

The final nom nom result! Topped with sauce then spring onion, bonito flakes and finally seaweed flakes! The inside should be semi solid and scalding hot but it’s best eaten that way hehe so be careful on your first bite!

>< the last photo doesn’t make it look that great~ will post a nicer photo later! ((UPDATED 24th May – SEE above!! ugh disliking ipad camera T_T))

Blogged completely from my iPad 2 ^^*

PS I felt this picture was appropriate lolol


Car on fire

I was going to do a very belated birthday photo post~ actually almost 1 month since..  coz well..

Life. It happens. XD

Like what happened to my car just last Saturday. It was on fire.

I’m okay though but my car is a total write off. My first car too, only 5.5 years old… so sad. How did it happen??

Apparently.. something to do with the oil cap being missing! That is very important. Not that I messed with it, actually I have no clue why this happened to me since I don’t look under the bonnet unless I’m filling the windscreen wiper water. Lucky I pulled off into a service station where the smoke from my bonnet alerted an off duty fireman and police man to come help me!

My boss also was near by and came to organise the rest of my work day and help out (as I was traveling to work at the time). Although I did get told off (nicely XD) my the station manager that if it happens again I shouldn’t pull into the service station (she did praise my because I did park away from the pumps!!) because they had to shut the pumps due to the possibility of an explosion o_o~

Still it’s good because going there I managed to find a lot of people to help me and I’d still do it again if *touch wood* it happened again! Wish I could have thanked those people properly but I was on the phone the entire time =_= Probably something they are used to at accident scenes!

So here’s the bad photos I took yesterday with my ipad2 when I went to collect my personal belongings from the car (as it now belongs to the State government XD) to mourn the lost of my Holden Astra

Looking perfectly fine on the outside ~ almost like new!

but like they say ~ its whats on the inside that counts!

So now what? Well .. its time to look for a new car~ Suggestions are most welcome! I’m currently thinking about upgrading to an Audi A3 or a VW Golf/Polo depending on what amount I’m willing to spend~

So I guess this happening has a good side to it. I got back from the insurance more than I expected and will end up with a new car and a valuable lesson learnt! First time I had to deal with a breakdown on my own, I now know what to do and surprisingly, I wasn’t freaked out at the time but looking back I do feel a bit traumatised knowing it could have been worse.

Very overwhelming when you are by yourself because you will be constantly on the phone to the insurance/towing/family and trying to talk to all the people at the site helping out.

Hmm, I started off wanting to do a birthday photo post and it ended up being all about my car. So I shall just dedicate this entire post to the happenings on my car since I think happy things should deserve its own post too.

Hello iPad 2, how I compare thee

Hi all~ today I’m bringing you a blog post from my *new* iPad 2! Which I was very lucky to get from my beloved family and friends ^^* THANK YOU ~! ♥

iHika came to life 11.11pm Friday 29th weighing in at 613 grams and although not big at 16Gb – its not the size that matters its how you use it !

My brother was holding it at the time it woke which I saw was 11.11pm so I quickly grabbed it off him to take a screenshot but it changed to 11.12 D:

After I handed it back, he was trying to slide to “unlock” the screen but it wasn’t working because he was on the screenshot photo *LOL* nice job me hahaha~


OH! Hello world I has no sim card – this is the screenshot photo lol actually taken yesterday

Yes, I still have the wrapping around it and made a slit for the plug to go in XD ~ Need to leave it good condition until I get a screen protector and cover of some sort..

I also don’t have a stand yet.. but Yoshi makes a cute and practical stand plus he’s huggable =3 and FACT – I got Yoshi last year for my birthday from my bro Shin ! Yup~ I waste my time reading a lot of Flipboard..