June 2011 archive

Did I just buy a car?


Today I bought a VW Golf 103 TDI..

Deposit paid…

The only problem is I don’t know the colour.. =_=; Why did I have to go today on a public holiday when they can’t check with the supplier??

I put down my preferences in order for United Grey, Deep Pearl Black and Candy White. Note, I didn’t want the 3rd option (being white) so why did I go with one again? Damn you dealer, as nice as you may seem you did trick me didn’t you? Well.. it was my first time buying one independently.. *excuses*

Also being a girl who frequently changes her mind also does not help! Originally was going for black (it looks smexy~) but experiences tells me its too hard to keep clean!! So in comes the choice of  grey being the alternative and white being forced option because I don’t particularly like silver or light blue.

It’s like waiting to find out whether my baby is going to be a boy or a girl or an alien o_o!

Will find out tomorrow!! Meanwhile I’m going to try to pray for grey, the in between of black and white XD