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Digital junk yard – the memories

So um.. Hello World!

As always, not dead. Not exactly forgotten either.

News just in. I got a laptop.. zomg.. Its something I should post on twitter, fb, insta, snapchat and contaminate all social media. But no, I have decided to log in and post on lonely hika-p.com.

So you would think I would be more productive right? Even be typing this on said laptop.. Surprise! This is coming from my relic of a PC which has been gutted and rebuilt multiple times (ye.. old faithful). Dont worry, PC, the hoarder in me thinks you’re still valuable and will keep you for a few years more.

Meanwhile, while I’m clearing some space heres some memories I’ll be splashing on this post.

hika-p launch – thought I was so cool with the layout changing based on whether it was day or night of the user.. many painful hours were spent trying to debug =_=



I didnt take this but until now this particular photo shoot was and still is my inspirationnekoThis one titled neko, hmm when oekaki boardsonline drawing program were a thing dont even remember how I pasted textures in

Didnt remember this one but I used to have an FservFile sharing server on IRC.. Look at my awesome list below.. half the anime I cant even remember watching

Downloading: From mIRC – Azumanga, Kiddy Grade (Learn bout pika’s Fserv)

Recommended: Happy Lesson, Fruits Basket, Chobits, Azumanga Daioh, Onegai Teacher

– all are in DivX format unless specified

+ AzuManga DaiOh 1-4
+ Angelic Layer 1-26
+ Comic Party 1-13
+ Comic Party Special 1-4
+ Chobits 1-24
+ DNA^2 1-15 (VCD)
+ Hand Maid May 1-11
+ Hellsing 1-12
+ Happy Lesson 1-13
+ Happy Lesson OVA 1-3
+ Hack.//Sign 1-24
+ Love Hina 1-25
+ Mahoromatic 1-12 + Special
+ Onegai Teacher 1-12 + OVA
+ Scryed 1-9
+ Read or Die 1-3
+ Tales of Eternia 1-13
+ Vandread 1-13
+ Vandread 2nd Stage 1-13
+ Zone of Enders
+ Star Ocean 1-26
+ Guu 1
+ Saishu Heiki Kanojo 0-5
+ Puchi Puri Yuushi 1
+ Witch Hunter Robin 1
+ Tokyo Underground 1-2
+ Psychic Academy 1-24
+ Kiddy Grade 1
+ Pita Ten 1-12
+ Kanon 1-13
+ Fruits Basket 1-26

Will now dig some more and post next year.. lol

ps. I didnt bother to proof read. Fun times.