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Digital junk sharing part 1

I’m currently spring cleaning my computer and culling my past digital junk in preparation for new computer upgrade!

Things I used to love to do when I was younger when I was a lot more creative and had *that* much spare time lol

I  like to still think I am somewhat creative, although the shift has moved more into photography. Makes me wonder what if I became a graphic/web designer…

Desktop graphics was big back then, making icons, avatars, wallpapers and alike. At least the skills I learnt then are still useful now when I process my photos *WIN*

Ragnarok online inspired wallpaper titled ‘Angel Dreams’ by Hika, this was when 1024 x 768 used to be ‘big’. This particular one was uploaded onto in 2005, I don’t think its there anymore and I can’t remember how many ‘favorites’ or ‘likes’ it got ._.




Halloween Ragnarok loading screen – entered into the competition for it to be featured  for halloween.100% sketched by hand and scanned, inked and coloured on the computer. T_T It didnt make it the cut!!


Vitamin C label done for a test product for Pharmacy Dosage form and design.



My tumblelog banner – before Tumblr became famous! My tumblr’s name is still Randomness Love. And yes, I am still very random. Although, not as frequent awww..



I used to co-host/own a fan site/forum called We had over 500 members fangirling over Kim Jeong Hoon!



When I used to work alone on Sundays at the pharmacy. I would study because its was so quiet! Occasionally you get bored and decide to do a self shot lol



To be continued.. *more cleaning to do*

ps. like if you want to see more junk lol

pps. I’m extremely sad at the fact I’m getting old *EXTREMELY*

Swell time with friends @ Currumbin

Went to the Swell Sculpture Festival on Monday @ Currumbin. I really wanted to go this year since I missed out last year because I was working and found out about it too late TT It goes for about 10 days and artist get to display their sculptures along the beach side.

Had an awesome time ^^ and more importantly I got some awesome shots

*EDIT* I GOT PHOTO OF THE DAY (lol more like photo of the weeks, its been there for awhile now!) @ Swell Sculpture Festival