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Digital junk yard – the memories

So um.. Hello World!

As always, not dead. Not exactly forgotten either.

News just in. I got a laptop.. zomg.. Its something I should post on twitter, fb, insta, snapchat and contaminate all social media. But no, I have decided to log in and post on lonely

So you would think I would be more productive right? Even be typing this on said laptop.. Surprise! This is coming from my relic of a PC which has been gutted and rebuilt multiple times (ye.. old faithful). Dont worry, PC, the hoarder in me thinks you’re still valuable and will keep you for a few years more.

Meanwhile, while I’m clearing some space heres some memories I’ll be splashing on this post.

hika-p launch – thought I was so cool with the layout changing based on whether it was day or night of the user.. many painful hours were spent trying to debug =_=



I didnt take this but until now this particular photo shoot was and still is my inspirationnekoThis one titled neko, hmm when oekaki boardsonline drawing program were a thing dont even remember how I pasted textures in

Didnt remember this one but I used to have an FservFile sharing server on IRC.. Look at my awesome list below.. half the anime I cant even remember watching

Downloading: From mIRC – Azumanga, Kiddy Grade (Learn bout pika’s Fserv)

Recommended: Happy Lesson, Fruits Basket, Chobits, Azumanga Daioh, Onegai Teacher

– all are in DivX format unless specified

+ AzuManga DaiOh 1-4
+ Angelic Layer 1-26
+ Comic Party 1-13
+ Comic Party Special 1-4
+ Chobits 1-24
+ DNA^2 1-15 (VCD)
+ Hand Maid May 1-11
+ Hellsing 1-12
+ Happy Lesson 1-13
+ Happy Lesson OVA 1-3
+ Hack.//Sign 1-24
+ Love Hina 1-25
+ Mahoromatic 1-12 + Special
+ Onegai Teacher 1-12 + OVA
+ Scryed 1-9
+ Read or Die 1-3
+ Tales of Eternia 1-13
+ Vandread 1-13
+ Vandread 2nd Stage 1-13
+ Zone of Enders
+ Star Ocean 1-26
+ Guu 1
+ Saishu Heiki Kanojo 0-5
+ Puchi Puri Yuushi 1
+ Witch Hunter Robin 1
+ Tokyo Underground 1-2
+ Psychic Academy 1-24
+ Kiddy Grade 1
+ Pita Ten 1-12
+ Kanon 1-13
+ Fruits Basket 1-26

Will now dig some more and post next year.. lol

ps. I didnt bother to proof read. Fun times.

Its November?!

Hi there whoever you are! I don’t know where the time has went but apparently its mid November..

Months have passed and yet I feel as if time has stopped for me as if I was a rock in the middle of a fast moving stream of life. More like a bystander just observing the things around me change.

Even this little puppy – meet Cinnamon aka Mini – my mini #longhairdontcare dachshund..

She has grown from this..8V4A0005to this.. in 4 months


Look at me! I’m a dog now!

I wish I could say the same about me.. ” Look at me! I’m an adult!” hahah..

Perhaps one day..


Ps. You can follow her on her own Instagram


Hello today ! 2015 !

Keep on tryin’~

Keep on walkin’ ~

Don’t worry there’s always tomorrow..

I don’t have anything to profound to write here in this moment..  but I wanted to do a first post for 2015.. so here is a photo instead.. one of many that will need to be uploaded into the P files <– my portfolio


Happy 2015 everyone! May you find a bit of sunshine in everyday and be inspired..



I miss you hika-p

Its been awhile! Dropping in to say I’ve missed me.

Some things have changed and somethings will always stay the same.


2014-01-04 13.14.183


I was never much of a planner, now it seems like I’ve taken on that responsibility and here I am now. PLANNING.

Still disliking it, however when things do go to plan, I can’t help but feel a small twinge of success. Let’s hope my small successes add up to big ones.

And the plans that don’t quite go to plan? Let it be a lesson, a blessing in disguise.. Hey! You never used to plan, so whatever! Go with it and do the best you can!

Accept what comes to you.

Go watch Frozen. Very relevant. Do you wanna build a snowman??


2014-01-04 13.14.182

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