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Magic is something you create

But you have to notice it first..

Finishing off a post I started however many many months ago. I have a feeling this year will be full of work, travel, photos .. and revival of my website?!

Thanks Pei for keeping me going, so many ways to internet now, and lack of time and energy but enough of excuses.. Lets start 2013 here.

Surprise ! I didnt even know I was back?

Well.. hello..

The site I thought was permanently down due to suspension due to a virus going on the host is.. back?!

I dont know what has lead me to check on my domain .. it even came as a surprise to me that it has magically reappeared just as I had left it.

2012. April. This domain is now 2 years old… and it will continue. I’ll be back. Really. I promise.

Its been awhile..

I haven’t died.. just been super busy!

Lets see .. since September.. been preparing to work in my own shop! =3 and in October the milestone reached!! *proud*

Its making me REALLY tired though T_T;; Also somehow my site got a virus GAH!! I deleted some of the affected files and updated so hopefully its fixed!!

ANYWAY heres some pretty photos in the meantime while I get everything back on track~

Taken @ Wivenhoe Dam ^^

Wanna go there again! Nice picnic place~ ! Until next time! Soon! hehe~

My daze days

pun!! XD loving creative titles! So proud of myself LOL !

Been in a daze lately – lots of things changing and happening very soon. Things to plan for so lots of things to think and worry about T-T!! *stress* !! Best thing to do? Not think about it at all. Hahah~~

Includes random outings.. to run away and forget things!

like one to Noosa~ Weather was sooo nice ~~ First stop @ Eumundi markets! Lots of colourful and yummy things =3 Love that Queensland is so laid back ~

So simple yet so mesmerising…

Seashell candles – make your home look beachy!

Cute long neck turtles

Remember these? Feels like childhood!

I found NEMO ! *lame* haha

Dreamcatcher catch me a dream

I’m drooling looking at this salt and pepper calamari photo again.. =O~~

Winter means its strawbeeee season! All I can think about is having these with creamy vanilla icecream =O~ I need to stop looking at food photos T-T If I’m making you hungry too, I’m sorry! But too bad coz more food photos ahead hehe

Can you believe its the middle of winter? o_o! I’m a Queenslander but I wouldnt dare swim.. but perhaps sunbake with a cardigan on haha..

Sand castles by the beach

Hmm.. DIY Caesar salad? XD

OH nom nom~ cocooned oysters

Afternoon sunshine *_* Thats my friend in the background eating icecream XD

Wish I coulda stayed longer..

Road blocks

I do have lots of things to post.. so many things..

but .



this is whats happening to me


Thinking too much and ending up with nothing.

Yup, they have a word for it o_o; I just googled it. I couldn’t post photos of my car because I felt I didnt have enough good photos to post, then I wanted wordpress to make me mulitple 150×150 thumbs display my photos, and then the code isnt working for me so I feel like I can’t post about anything else until I do my car post.  Road Block. Haha the irony.. road block on my car post.

and its not only about, its things that are happening around me too… but thats a post for another day. Another one to add to my growing lists of posts.

When did I stop being spontaneous and filtering everything so carefully.. kinda like my tweet delete syndrome =_=

Does this happen to anyone else??

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