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City of Lights @ Brisbane Southbank

Didnt get to see Riverfire but this was good enough ^^* Santos City of Lights goes until 24th of September, I might go check it out again from another angle and also the light sphere and scope~

Doesn’t look like what the photo on the website shows though! My night photography is improving~ so yay? =D

Colours of Spring

I know I haven’t posted in awhile because its spring I should make a fresh ‘start’? These colours make me happy ^^

Until next time!!

My daze days

pun!! XD loving creative titles! So proud of myself LOL !

Been in a daze lately – lots of things changing and happening very soon. Things to plan for so lots of things to think and worry about T-T!! *stress* !! Best thing to do? Not think about it at all. Hahah~~

Includes random outings.. to run away and forget things!

like one to Noosa~ Weather was sooo nice ~~ First stop @ Eumundi markets! Lots of colourful and yummy things =3 Love that Queensland is so laid back ~

So simple yet so mesmerising…

Seashell candles – make your home look beachy!

Cute long neck turtles

Remember these? Feels like childhood!

I found NEMO ! *lame* haha

Dreamcatcher catch me a dream

I’m drooling looking at this salt and pepper calamari photo again.. =O~~

Winter means its strawbeeee season! All I can think about is having these with creamy vanilla icecream =O~ I need to stop looking at food photos T-T If I’m making you hungry too, I’m sorry! But too bad coz more food photos ahead hehe

Can you believe its the middle of winter? o_o! I’m a Queenslander but I wouldnt dare swim.. but perhaps sunbake with a cardigan on haha..

Sand castles by the beach

Hmm.. DIY Caesar salad? XD

OH nom nom~ cocooned oysters

Afternoon sunshine *_* Thats my friend in the background eating icecream XD

Wish I coulda stayed longer..

Hello iPad 2, how I compare thee

Hi all~ today I’m bringing you a blog post from my *new* iPad 2! Which I was very lucky to get from my beloved family and friends ^^* THANK YOU ~! ♥

iHika came to life 11.11pm Friday 29th weighing in at 613 grams and although not big at 16Gb – its not the size that matters its how you use it !

My brother was holding it at the time it woke which I saw was 11.11pm so I quickly grabbed it off him to take a screenshot but it changed to 11.12 D:

After I handed it back, he was trying to slide to “unlock” the screen but it wasn’t working because he was on the screenshot photo *LOL* nice job me hahaha~


OH! Hello world I has no sim card – this is the screenshot photo lol actually taken yesterday

Yes, I still have the wrapping around it and made a slit for the plug to go in XD ~ Need to leave it good condition until I get a screen protector and cover of some sort..

I also don’t have a stand yet.. but Yoshi makes a cute and practical stand plus he’s huggable =3 and FACT – I got Yoshi last year for my birthday from my bro Shin ! Yup~ I waste my time reading a lot of Flipboard..


It was a rainy day..

Been having a serious sleeping problems lately ~ the oppose of insomnia Z_Z! Constant napping and waking up feeling like crap like I spent lots of energy sleeping.. Could it be that invisible sleeping monster that forces you to sleep so it can suck all your energy??

Anyway friends got me out of the house for a ‘sunset’ photoshooting session just yesterday omg productive! not really because I just wanted to prevent sleep =_=; So quick post since it’s fresh off photoshop!!

..  as you can see from the title we got rained out =_=; nice timing! Taken at Wilsons Point, Brisbane.

I’m not so good with landscape shots ;_; I suppose this is what  new theme/aim of the photoshoot OMINOUS/impeding doom clouds  – apparently good landscape shots require a particular percentage of clouds so here is my attempt~ Mission accomplished? Maybe??

My idea of a landscape shot ^^a;;  I much prefer this one~ What do you think? Didn’t even look like it was raining!

I think this tree sets the mood a bit better .. looks so depressing~

Meanwhile.. while everyone else was shooting the Storey Bridge.. I was on the wet grass

and saw this guy~ hanging out in the rain!

♥ Se7en – literally with my heart bokeh cap~ can you see? can you see?? background full of hearts ♥♥
Gave up on the sunset/city lights shot and headed back home.. while at a traffic light and rain spilling down my windshield making this nice bokeh effect !!

Hmm since I edited these so fast I should backtrack on my photos from Malaysia and Singapore, Cloudland Birthday, Mos Burger and Gallery of Modern Arts.. Post these up soon! Oh and Happy late Easter ! Remember the meaning is not about chocolate eggs~ Although I did have a weird dream about having a bunny for Easter but you don’t need to know that hehehe..

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