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Quickii + China tour post 2

Sorry, I’ve become a lazy blogger ^^;  So here’s another quick summary of the last week

  • pharmacy related stuffs – boring really, but need to make the money you know~
  • study~! been tryin to get back into studying, Japanese and Korean at the same time to maximise efficiency
  • dancing – unco hiphop, hika style // so so sore after
  • meeting friends – because I have friends ! yay! hahahaha
  • finished watching – My Girlfriend is a Gumiho 내 여자친구는 구미호– loved it, cute, funny, chemistry
  • now watching –Playful Kiss 장난스런 키스 – playing on Goong’s territory o_o; but like the storyline – k-version of It Started with a Kiss
  • Eat Pray Love (♥♥♥) , girly movie based on a true story and book
  • Resident Evil – After Life (♥♥♥♥♥) , my favourite movie series EVER.

and now for the China photo spammage

Days 3-4


Swell time with friends @ Currumbin

Went to the Swell Sculpture Festival on Monday @ Currumbin. I really wanted to go this year since I missed out last year because I was working and found out about it too late TT It goes for about 10 days and artist get to display their sculptures along the beach side.

Had an awesome time ^^ and more importantly I got some awesome shots

*EDIT* I GOT PHOTO OF THE DAY (lol more like photo of the weeks, its been there for awhile now!) @ Swell Sculpture Festival


Happy SPRING! Sack boy @ Manly

Hi everyone~! Today is the first day of SPRING in Australia ^^! Warm, a little windy but sunshiney~ *insert smiley sun icon here*

Went on a small outting to Manly with Mr sack boy and got some awesome shots.. wayyy TOO MANY sack boy shots (that I got tired of editing his photos XD ), I don’t want to overwhelm so will post more in another post!


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