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Love love ekilove

Last month was a busy month for me~ it the midst of all that there were bigger things happening in the world.. Its all so sad… also I’m very relieved that people I know were not hurt and are okay and that there are lots of people supporting them.

One person being the lovely Eki ~ I couldn’t help but order when  her shop EkiLove was donating 75% of her proceeds to Japan which is always a good reason to spend money =3  Plus her handmade things are always so pretty~ On top of that there is free shipping for orders over $85 US and she includes a sheetmask and nail stickers as free gifts.

Ordered a total of 4 items but I only took photos of two of them ^^; One was a gift – it was the Love Neko necklace and the other was the Vintage floral bow headband – I was wearing it at the time XD

Everything comes nicely packaged *happy*

Sparkle Sparkle!! Moon and Star necklace / Elegant Hime bracelet

Please support EkiLove and Japan

I’m sure Japan is on its way to getting back to normal soon, they are so efficient like that! Must make my 7th visit there soon =3 Perhaps when my brother Shin finally gets over there in October! ((Even though you were suppose to go this month in April – it was the best decision for parent’s piece of mind Mum and Dad will be happier knowing you are safe.))

Pray for a better 2011 and no impending doom in 2012!!

50000 Won won

I gots paid to shop~!! My GG* Gmarket post won me 50000 won!! Yay!  ^^

Its time to put in my next order~ ! Maybe will put it in before the end of this month before my coupons run out XD  Then then.. I can win another gift certificate and order more and more (I can see a vicious cyle here!)

… and yes pun FULLY intended =3 I know .. much lamesauce hehe..

The Days Before Christmas

Cannot for the life of me make a coherent post for the last week or so.. because I’ve been lazy busy.

So here’s another mishmash of things that have happened in the last few days..


Dec 14th – 2nd Konad experiment..

Base – Orly – Blackout +  VOV Chamon – Lilac
Stamp – Konad special white, Sally Hansen X-treme wear – Celeb City, Revlon Not So Blue-Berry
Top – Sally Hansen Diamond Shine
Plate – m57 – leopard print / lace leopard print

Couldn’t decide whether I wanted to go light or dark so I went with BOTH hence the black and lilac. Celeb City as a stamp colour worked the best so far..  Revlon Not so Blue-Berry umm.. not bad coz its not as contrasty but  smell is nice – constantly asking people to smell my fingers (lol! they smell like berries okay?!). The leopard print is turned out reallly good, people kept asking me if it was fake or a sticker.  Fact – I’ve only had a proper manicure done once in my life only because Moon took me while I was in Korea =3 I think manicures are a waste of money esp because I’m so careless. In conclusion – konad is awesomesauce I can do myself!


Dec 15th – Guess what this is…


GG* Gmarket

You got me hooked.. and on my first order!

Gmarket = Korea’s kindalike version of eBay (but not eBay) –  and is owned by eBay lol except I can buy all kinda special crap (see below for more info)

So… it arrived this morning ~!! Much happiness~! ^^

So what kinda crap did I get?

Big EMS post box, I ripped it open!

The packages from diff sellers


I buy things – things to wear

Today we take a break from our regular photolog travel bloggin to bring you a post about things I’ve wasted money on..

Guys – possibly not interested, tune in next time =D

Forced myself to go shopping after a tiring nanna nap (yup! woke up more tired than before I napped!) and went to DFO today (Discount Factory Outlet!) because well.. I can? XD
Forever New is having a ‘Buy 1 get 1 Free’  SALE! Soooo.. I ended up with 4 items

I know~ not full shots but meh, I didnt feel like changing my lens so I’m going the artistic route

Cute stripped bolero jacket from 69.99 to 39.95 AUD – love the pin! Material is nice too, warm but not too warm, cropped sleeves good for nights and autumn (lol, I know, wrong season for Australia, I shop backwards)