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Super Trees - Singapore

I dont know what I’m doing..

Where I have been and gone.. now what? These last few years have been challenging and just when I thought I knew I was going.. I’m suddenly lost again.

Getting lost in this big world and not really knowing where you are going or what you should be doing. Every place seems like a distant memory, a captured moment in time almost like a daydream from reality.

And so the cycle begins again..

*more randomness thoughts and ramblings that make no sense*


Hello today ! 2015 !

Keep on tryin’~

Keep on walkin’ ~

Don’t worry there’s always tomorrow..

I don’t have anything to profound to write here in this moment..  but I wanted to do a first post for 2015.. so here is a photo instead.. one of many that will need to be uploaded into the P files <– my portfolio


Happy 2015 everyone! May you find a bit of sunshine in everyday and be inspired..


The joys of travel – aloha

Aloha .. Hello and goodbye..

I got a text at 12.30 after work on Saturday that my plane was going to be delayed 2 and a bit hours from 4.30 to 6.45. Oh my. On any other flight I wouldn’t have cared. But this flight was a connecting one to Honololu.

Well .. I made it here … Sunny(?) Ha-why-hee! After calling here and there.. panicking and rushing to the airport in hopes to get an earlier flight. 3 hours waiting at the airport where all Sydney flights have been delayed due to bad ass weather and crazy traffic control.

Nervously going in and out of shops hoping the one they put me on at 5.30 will not be further delayed to make my connection at 9. Which fully confirms that I cannot stay still at the slightest uncertainly ._. My poor heart.

Boarding was on time ( despite being the 3.30 flight that got pushed to 5.30!) and another hour passed on the plane squashed on a full flight between two how shall I say well filled out people who took my armrest AND my leg space. Fast forward another hour out of thin air due to daylight savings I arrived in one squashed piece in Sydney only to rush off the plane and check into my next flight leaving in 40 mins. In a different terminal. oTL

Pacing for another 7 minutes the bus came to whisk me to the international terminal 7 minutes – run run run the airport is too big! 5 minutes. Step one get boarding pass. 5 minutes. Step 2 counter guy gives me a pass to speed through security and immigration. (5 minutes) Woop! Done. Navigate all the freaking way through all the maze of the duty free shops to the gate (5 minutes) .. Not going to make it..

Got to the gate. A mass of people still standing around omg did the flight already close? Or it hasnt left? Look at the board it says . Los Angeles .. Small freak out until I peek at other passengers tickets which say Honololu .. Big sigh of relief. Sit down and wait for another 30 minutes. Board and wait for another 30 minutes because the run away has too many delayed flights that need to land.

Fly for 10 hrs with hardly any sleep. Exhausted. Wait some 4 hours more. Get on another plane. 30 minutes.

Lost luggage. Damn.

Whatever here is some photos



My daze days

pun!! XD loving creative titles! So proud of myself LOL !

Been in a daze lately – lots of things changing and happening very soon. Things to plan for so lots of things to think and worry about T-T!! *stress* !! Best thing to do? Not think about it at all. Hahah~~

Includes random outings.. to run away and forget things!

like one to Noosa~ Weather was sooo nice ~~ First stop @ Eumundi markets! Lots of colourful and yummy things =3 Love that Queensland is so laid back ~

So simple yet so mesmerising…

Seashell candles – make your home look beachy!

Cute long neck turtles

Remember these? Feels like childhood!

I found NEMO ! *lame* haha

Dreamcatcher catch me a dream

I’m drooling looking at this salt and pepper calamari photo again.. =O~~

Winter means its strawbeeee season! All I can think about is having these with creamy vanilla icecream =O~ I need to stop looking at food photos T-T If I’m making you hungry too, I’m sorry! But too bad coz more food photos ahead hehe

Can you believe its the middle of winter? o_o! I’m a Queenslander but I wouldnt dare swim.. but perhaps sunbake with a cardigan on haha..

Sand castles by the beach

Hmm.. DIY Caesar salad? XD

OH nom nom~ cocooned oysters

Afternoon sunshine *_* Thats my friend in the background eating icecream XD

Wish I coulda stayed longer..

Finally China Post 3

A very overdue China post.. its been a month since I went on that tour. So this is the final chapter…

Days 5,6,7  in photo spammage – Nanjing, Huangzhou and Shanghai Expo

Warning – Contains large post with LOTS of photos

My favourite photo from Huangzhou theater show


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