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Thinking about thinking

I’m overwhelmed, then consumed. Let’s break that pattern.

Lets learn not to give an F

Overgeneralizing is awful – one thing doesn’t make everything bad. Many things one after another makes things bad.. but… not for long.

Processing and not labeling it as a problem – it’s not a problem until you make it one. It’s not bad until you think its bad. The more you think it’s bad it’s going to be worse.

Such is a self fulfilling prophecy.

Why is it also that we think so much of the past that it affects the future, a future that doesn’t exist yet except in the mind.

Experiences and memories are what bought you to this present place, it influences behaviour, thought processes, emotions and such to the point where it becomes your personality and character.  Does this make you who you are? If so, then are you a sum of all your experiences? Does your personality change so easily after one or a few experiences?

All we are left with questions, maybe that don’t even need to be answered. Because you are yourself, no matter who you are. As much as that doesn’t make sense.

I am being very random, that is me.

Uneventful day?

First post using my iPhone! Just to prove I can post anywhere anytime •_•* excited much?

Just got home from work around 10.30pm after my usual 13 hour shift – where today I had to report a forged script to the police *insert sarcastic YAY!* – really it’s more trouble than it’s worth, tried to detain the guy until the police came (they were only down the road! still took them foreverrr) but efforts failed coz he noticed it was taking too long and now I gotta fill in paper work blehhhhhhh.. should have just tore up the script and told him to run XD

Signing off for the night – here’s the view from where I’m so lazily posting from (my bed) – it’s my Yoshi !