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Digital junk yard – the memories

So um.. Hello World!

As always, not dead. Not exactly forgotten either.

News just in. I got a laptop.. zomg.. Its something I should post on twitter, fb, insta, snapchat and contaminate all social media. But no, I have decided to log in and post on lonely

So you would think I would be more productive right? Even be typing this on said laptop.. Surprise! This is coming from my relic of a PC which has been gutted and rebuilt multiple times (ye.. old faithful). Dont worry, PC, the hoarder in me thinks you’re still valuable and will keep you for a few years more.

Meanwhile, while I’m clearing some space heres some memories I’ll be splashing on this post.

hika-p launch – thought I was so cool with the layout changing based on whether it was day or night of the user.. many painful hours were spent trying to debug =_=



I didnt take this but until now this particular photo shoot was and still is my inspirationnekoThis one titled neko, hmm when oekaki boardsonline drawing program were a thing dont even remember how I pasted textures in

Didnt remember this one but I used to have an FservFile sharing server on IRC.. Look at my awesome list below.. half the anime I cant even remember watching

Downloading: From mIRC – Azumanga, Kiddy Grade (Learn bout pika’s Fserv)

Recommended: Happy Lesson, Fruits Basket, Chobits, Azumanga Daioh, Onegai Teacher

– all are in DivX format unless specified

+ AzuManga DaiOh 1-4
+ Angelic Layer 1-26
+ Comic Party 1-13
+ Comic Party Special 1-4
+ Chobits 1-24
+ DNA^2 1-15 (VCD)
+ Hand Maid May 1-11
+ Hellsing 1-12
+ Happy Lesson 1-13
+ Happy Lesson OVA 1-3
+ Hack.//Sign 1-24
+ Love Hina 1-25
+ Mahoromatic 1-12 + Special
+ Onegai Teacher 1-12 + OVA
+ Scryed 1-9
+ Read or Die 1-3
+ Tales of Eternia 1-13
+ Vandread 1-13
+ Vandread 2nd Stage 1-13
+ Zone of Enders
+ Star Ocean 1-26
+ Guu 1
+ Saishu Heiki Kanojo 0-5
+ Puchi Puri Yuushi 1
+ Witch Hunter Robin 1
+ Tokyo Underground 1-2
+ Psychic Academy 1-24
+ Kiddy Grade 1
+ Pita Ten 1-12
+ Kanon 1-13
+ Fruits Basket 1-26

Will now dig some more and post next year.. lol

ps. I didnt bother to proof read. Fun times.

OCD mess

Hey there !!

I’m still around.. Doing lots of stuff and always at the same time..

I have lost a little motivation for this site which has prevented me putting up recent updates esp feeling I cant put nice things on a stale site OCD!! BUT..

I know exactly what needs to be done! A complete overhaul of my website. Gosh where can I find the time ??

(I started this post in Oct 2012, this is the 2015 update to just publishing drafts that have just been sitting in draft mode – boo! don’t care its here! And.. as you can see there has been a bit more progress since then!)

The plan

In words for actioning.

  1. Redesign this site. I worked really hard on this current layout! What looked somewhat advanced then is now 1000000x outdated. I too, am outdated – the code has evolved and I’m a grandma of the internet. Time to relearn the ways of html? Perhaps. Or the lazy person way and buy someone else’s brain work. Sounds good.
  2. Fix my darn computer. Something that was brand -spanking-state of the art-sparkly newly built in 2008 computer, is now 4 years old which is close to ancient in computer age. I haven’t even had the chance to take off the protective plastic off my mirror case yet. That was going to happen when I moved into my own house – obviously has not happened yet.
  3. Clear out at least half of my things. Some things just arent important anymore. If my friend can spend one year backpacking with the most minimal things, I don’t need half of my things. The more I write things, the more awkward I think the word ‘things’ look. THINGS! LOOK AT ALL OF MY THINGS! Maybe I should change the word things to stuff. Look at this stuff isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you think my collections complete.. *materialistic mermaid thoughts*
  4. I loved learning. I still do, I just haven’t focused. It’s time to start studying again. Shikari!
  5. Photos. Lots of photos. Taking it above and beyond my Pokemon Snap days! 😀
  6. Enjoy the journey. Its not always about the destination.

The Cape de Couedic – Kangaroo Island, SA March 2012


Likey much?

I’m still playing around with the site, so please be patient if my website loads slow or things are mis-aligned~

There is now a LIKE icon  next to comments, so lazy people who don’t comment (yes I know you’re out there) can simply click it to show me some appreciation and they like my posts! All comments are loved ^^ THANK YOU to all who commented so far~

After accidently throwing out 2 custom Zagg skins, and a mirror shield in the bin (ugh, don’t ask) I reordered another custom one of them and it arrived today (all the way from the US!) because the Aus Zagg doesn’t do custom skins yet) and so..  changed my iPhone skin ^^! Its now Tokidoki art print coz I heart heart tokidoki!  Still  like my old skin but time for a change (had it on for over 6 months!) and.. I think the old skin is still reusable ^^; Well I hope so anyway!

It was harder to peel off the old skin but thats a good thing coz you know that its on and won’t come off randomly later. Although there were some yukky grime bits where the edges were, but I guess you can’t really help that (kinda like greasy finger marks on the screen). The skins are easy to apply – they stick on with static sticker  (its not really sticky though o_oa?)

.. and yes, it does stop scratches without ruining the skin (awesome healing skin properties !)  but does not prevent your phone from smashing it to pieces if you drop it XD although with the skin it does help your phone stick to your hand – its got a bit of texture so it doesn’t slip so easily.. btw, iPhones are not recommended for clumsy people – I already noticed a small crack at the bottom of my phone when I dropped it on concrete in Sydney hehe SO SO lucky it didn’t fully crack!

If you ever decide to order one – remember to get a discount code by signing up to their iPad giveaway – they send you an email with a random discount – I got a 50% off code and $10 gift card from my last orders (which where also during a 50% off) which made my skin FREE – just pay for postage !   ♪~ヾ(*-*)

Day and Night

More websitely information (in case you were wondering.. )

If you come here during the day (from 7am!)  my site looks like this –
Day time theme

After 5pm (on your computer clock – if you have set it right) the theme changes to night –

If you notice anything weird, stuff you can’t read / see or stuff misaligned or broken, let me know~! It will be much appreciated. Feedback is good ^^ *hint hint – comment*

Which one do you guys like more? I personally like the day time, although I started designing the night one first but it wasn’t till I started getting all the colours in I realised its so much harder to design for black backgrounds >_< I tried to put in a style switcher (so you can choose day or night) but it didn’t work well *cries* so you just have to deal with it XD or change your computer clock time and refresh – OR visit during the time you like lol

Will be posting regularly from now on.. look forward to it!

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