Bye Bye 2010 it was nice knowing you

and now its time to leave you~!!

Hika’s 2010 in photos (and some words)!

Now featuring some unseen photos!


First time rockclimbing!

Sunset in Korea ♥


Most expensive meal and best in my life so far – Kobe Beef $180AU

First snow in Tokyo in 3 years well.. actually it was more like slush

Temple in Seoul – always wanted one of these shots

Snowflakes ♥


Made my own LED ring light! Yay for DIY!

Learning to bake – Potato Apple Pie! Its yummeh~~

Friend’s wedding ~ so happy for them ^^*


Birthday drinks with BFFs

First panorama! Click for full size!


Making my own fresh hot takoyaki!

While photographing my friends at Jupiters Casino – I got my first paid photography job! XD

My friend Lindsay’s UGLY party – OMG I WAS THE UGLIEST THERE!


Winter sunset sky – this month was a quiet month T_T


Went camel riding, JK T_T – Just saw them but def next time I’m riding one!!

First time sand tobogganing and getting pants full of sand – Port Stephens Sydney

Sitting by Darling Harbour in Sydney ♥

Daring to try a Mystery hotel and ending up at The Grace in Sydney ! NICE! ♥

Planning to eat at an awesome resturant and ending up at McDonalds… but! Eating Max Brenner for dessert ♥

Let the games begin~ STARCRAFT 2! If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em =D


Meeting my friend’s baby for the first time~ Jordan!


Swell festival @ Currumbin and winning photo of the day! Its still photo of the day haha~

Going to Klub Kandy for the first time in years and getting hit on by a 19yr old


Went to Brunei and did a day tour

Flying through China and the tons of people!


Dressing up and going to Melbourne Cup Day races at the Gold Coast and winning!!

My cupcake experiment with sour gummy worms XD

Last ever Klub Kandy with my angel Lindsay

Vamping up for my work christmas party – I was the hot photographer ^^*

One of my awesome portraits – I love this shot~


Hip hoppin with these lovely people ~ !! at Mad Dance House and again in the middle Elizabeth Arcade!!

Then nom noming at Little Singapore as a warm down =3

My unexpected christmas present ♥

My first couple shoot for the lovely Lindsay and her bf Ray ^^*


It hasn’t been a bad year, not a particularly good year either~ I would say it was better than 2009 though ~ ^^ and as always I have learnt something or tried something new.. As for new years resolutions, none !! Lets be honest who really sticks to them anyway!!  But I do have a few goals ~

  • own something big – a house? a business?
  • drink more water!
  • put anti aging stuff on EVERDAY (starting to see them wrinkles ><!)
  • throw more things out – getting like my mum and hoarding random things =_=;
  • lol exercise?! study?! yeah!!
  • stop buying useless things – haha yeah.. right! Cute packaging always sucks me back in!
  • take better photos with the gear I have, better gear doesn’t mean better photos!
  • be nicer ♥ ^^


ps. Don’t take life too seriously because you won’t survive anyway

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