The Days Before Christmas

Cannot for the life of me make a coherent post for the last week or so.. because I’ve been lazy busy.

So here’s another mishmash of things that have happened in the last few days..


Dec 14th – 2nd Konad experiment..

Base – Orly – Blackout +  VOV Chamon – Lilac
Stamp – Konad special white, Sally Hansen X-treme wear – Celeb City, Revlon Not So Blue-Berry
Top – Sally Hansen Diamond Shine
Plate – m57 – leopard print / lace leopard print

Couldn’t decide whether I wanted to go light or dark so I went with BOTH hence the black and lilac. Celeb City as a stamp colour worked the best so far..  Revlon Not so Blue-Berry umm.. not bad coz its not as contrasty but  smell is nice – constantly asking people to smell my fingers (lol! they smell like berries okay?!). The leopard print is turned out reallly good, people kept asking me if it was fake or a sticker.  Fact – I’ve only had a proper manicure done once in my life only because Moon took me while I was in Korea =3 I think manicures are a waste of money esp because I’m so careless. In conclusion – konad is awesomesauce I can do myself!


Dec 15th – Guess what this is…

A Christmas present I bought for myself..

OMG a donkey bag !!

This is the only online photo I found coz not many places sell it, but I bought it at a weird and wonderful shop Mombasa

Its cute (well to me anyway) and also functional! It’s big enough to fit my DSLR camera and a lot of other junk that tends to accumulate in handbags.. and I bet not many people have it (maybe it isn’t so stylish lol!) ~ so plus for uniqueness?!~ I dont think its as childish as it looks.. although my mum did laugh when she saw it o_o;; Meh, I don’t have to defend my donkey to anyone!


Dec 17th – the last of my siblings/two younger brothers to graduate!

Very proud of you ^^ although you are not pictured because I dont think you want your photo online haha..


Dec 20th – Took my new lens – Canon 50mm 1.4  for a test shot on a nice sunny summer day..

and went shopping.. saw my wish list *hint hint* items – the Shu Uemura x Takano Abracadabra collection but so sad, its so expensive to buy  – the small palette costs $120 AU o_o! Blush tint $38! LE Balancing cleansing oil $55! Damn you pretty packaging!! So all I picked up was…

.. a pretty promotional postcard ^^;; Saving my money for more functional things like anti-aging  anti-wrinkle skin care! I need to accept I’m getting old.

What makes it even better is my favourite singer IU is promoting it in Korea o_o! // I think things I like somehow always come together.. which shows I have good taste! XD

So.. thats about it so far. I’m kinda over Christmas shopping – its very draining – both energy and money. The stores and things here feel like they are all the same no matter where you go *sigh* so generic. Where’s a Loft when you need one? Also, I find I tend to shop for my preferences over other peoples~ Going with the “I like it.. so they will like it too” mentality.. so bad coz then I want to keep the gift ><!

Remember, its the thought that counts!!

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