I buy things – things to wear

Today we take a break from our regular photolog travel bloggin to bring you a post about things I’ve wasted money on..

Guys – possibly not interested, tune in next time =D

Forced myself to go shopping after a tiring nanna nap (yup! woke up more tired than before I napped!) and went to DFO today (Discount Factory Outlet!) because well.. I can? XD
Forever New is having a ‘Buy 1 get 1 Free’  SALE! Soooo.. I ended up with 4 items

I know~ not full shots but meh, I didnt feel like changing my lens so I’m going the artistic route

Cute stripped bolero jacket from 69.99 to 39.95 AUD – love the pin! Material is nice too, warm but not too warm, cropped sleeves good for nights and autumn (lol, I know, wrong season for Australia, I shop backwards)

Marie tiere button through top 49.99 to 29.95 but.. I got it for free, due to above purchase ^^ ! Score~ but its size 10 so its going to be  bit big on me everything else I bought is size 6, but it will  still look nice over a pretty dress. Material is very thin though..

Faded baby pink crochet trim hoodie (lol, the close up is more accurate in colour, forgot to adjust white balance / but tag says Sahara beige XD ) 59.99 to 49.95  – D: not much discount there!!  Was really tossing up between buying this and a bag.. obviously the hoodie won haha.. This hoodie is so cute~!! Somewhat crossed between sweet lolita style and casual exercise wear. The sleeves are slightly cropped (just goes past my elbows) giving it a cuter look compared to normal hoodies . SO CUTE! Material isn’t that thick but good quality prolly better for autumn not winter…

Soft tiered lace mini skirt – off white 69.99 to 49.95 – but FREE due to above purchase !! XD This skirt is so pretty~~ its soft and delicate (I hope it doesnt fall apart in the wash). Length is a mini but falls above my knees ~ because I have short legs ㅠ_ㅜCan’t wait to find an occassion to wear this.. is there one coming soon??

Total damage at Forever New ~90 AUD equaling about 23 AUD per piece ^^ Not bad !!

Also have some other things I ordered coming in the post~~including a fur tail !!  YAY! I’m going to the races at the Gold Coast Turf Club tomorrow~ so more pretty photos to come!

2 Comments on I buy things – things to wear

  1. Kaz
    November 2, 2010 at 7:55 pm (8 years ago)

    sooo are these for sale? XD

    • hika
      November 3, 2010 at 11:33 am (8 years ago)

      hahah, No. They are for sale at Forever New though =P I haven’t got any real stuff for my store yet lol.


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