Car on fire

I was going to do a very belated birthday photo post~ actually almost 1 month since..  coz well..

Life. It happens. XD

Like what happened to my car just last Saturday. It was on fire.

I’m okay though but my car is a total write off. My first car too, only 5.5 years old… so sad. How did it happen??

Apparently.. something to do with the oil cap being missing! That is very important. Not that I messed with it, actually I have no clue why this happened to me since I don’t look under the bonnet unless I’m filling the windscreen wiper water. Lucky I pulled off into a service station where the smoke from my bonnet alerted an off duty fireman and police man to come help me!

My boss also was near by and came to organise the rest of my work day and help out (as I was traveling to work at the time). Although I did get told off (nicely XD) my the station manager that if it happens again I shouldn’t pull into the service station (she did praise my because I did park away from the pumps!!) because they had to shut the pumps due to the possibility of an explosion o_o~

Still it’s good because going there I managed to find a lot of people to help me and I’d still do it again if *touch wood* it happened again! Wish I could have thanked those people properly but I was on the phone the entire time =_= Probably something they are used to at accident scenes!

So here’s the bad photos I took yesterday with my ipad2 when I went to collect my personal belongings from the car (as it now belongs to the State government XD) to mourn the lost of my Holden Astra

Looking perfectly fine on the outside ~ almost like new!

but like they say ~ its whats on the inside that counts!

So now what? Well .. its time to look for a new car~ Suggestions are most welcome! I’m currently thinking about upgrading to an Audi A3 or a VW Golf/Polo depending on what amount I’m willing to spend~

So I guess this happening has a good side to it. I got back from the insurance more than I expected and will end up with a new car and a valuable lesson learnt! First time I had to deal with a breakdown on my own, I now know what to do and surprisingly, I wasn’t freaked out at the time but looking back I do feel a bit traumatised knowing it could have been worse.

Very overwhelming when you are by yourself because you will be constantly on the phone to the insurance/towing/family and trying to talk to all the people at the site helping out.

Hmm, I started off wanting to do a birthday photo post and it ended up being all about my car. So I shall just dedicate this entire post to the happenings on my car since I think happy things should deserve its own post too.

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