In transit

In a place where I’m neither here or there.

On a random note, I got a note.

A Galaxy Note 3 to be exact. Big, shiny and white. I would take a photo but I cant do a photo inception using the note. (no longer have my iphone T_T)

Switching to the android platform is no easy task coming from the simplistic iphone. But to move forward, learn and change.

Too many functions yet not the exact functions I want. Hmm. Why still finding holes in the system and finding ways around. Doing this makes it 10x longer on an average task until we get efficient enough.

I want to end this post in a meh. I can’t seem to stop looking back, its making me trip up on the way forward.

I know my posts havent been very interesting lately, I’m in introspective mode. Hope to see the other side soon.

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