Road blocks

I do have lots of things to post.. so many things..

but .



this is whats happening to me


Thinking too much and ending up with nothing.

Yup, they have a word for it o_o; I just googled it. I couldn’t post photos of my car because I felt I didnt have enough good photos to post, then I wanted wordpress to make me mulitple 150×150 thumbs display my photos, and then the code isnt working for me so I feel like I can’t post about anything else until I do my car post.  Road Block. Haha the irony.. road block on my car post.

and its not only about, its things that are happening around me too… but thats a post for another day. Another one to add to my growing lists of posts.

When did I stop being spontaneous and filtering everything so carefully.. kinda like my tweet delete syndrome =_=

Does this happen to anyone else??

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  1. Kaz
    July 28, 2011 at 8:26 pm (7 years ago)

    pat pat! nice word btw “analysis paralysis” lol maybe i should show it to van XD


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