Uneventful day?

First post using my iPhone! Just to prove I can post anywhere anytime •_•* excited much?

Just got home from work around 10.30pm after my usual 13 hour shift – where today I had to report a forged script to the police *insert sarcastic YAY!* – really it’s more trouble than it’s worth, tried to detain the guy until the police came (they were only down the road! still took them foreverrr) but efforts failed coz he noticed it was taking too long and now I gotta fill in paper work blehhhhhhh.. should have just tore up the script and told him to run XD

Signing off for the night – here’s the view from where I’m so lazily posting from (my bed) – it’s my Yoshi !

Day and Night

More websitely information (in case you were wondering.. )

If you come here during the day (from 7am!)  my site looks like this –
Day time theme

After 5pm (on your computer clock – if you have set it right) the theme changes to night –

If you notice anything weird, stuff you can’t read / see or stuff misaligned or broken, let me know~! It will be much appreciated. Feedback is good ^^ *hint hint – comment*

Which one do you guys like more? I personally like the day time, although I started designing the night one first but it wasn’t till I started getting all the colours in I realised its so much harder to design for black backgrounds >_< I tried to put in a style switcher (so you can choose day or night) but it didn’t work well *cries* so you just have to deal with it XD or change your computer clock time and refresh – OR visit during the time you like lol

Will be posting regularly from now on.. look forward to it!

Hello world!

Welcome Hika (me) back to the internet world ~ !  RAWR !
After being ‘dead’ for the last 2 years (read About ) here I am again with a new domain

hika-p.com ♥ Bookmark me!

This site is kindly hosted by Sam & Shin ~ ありがとうね !

Being the first post, I should have a lot to say but lets just start a fresh.. I’m still tweeking the site, its STILL not fully ‘complete’ (will it ever be?!) so..

Visit me regularly, I won’t promise to be interesting but I WILL post stuffs ^^!

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