Hello today ! 2015 !

Keep on tryin’~

Keep on walkin’ ~

Don’t worry there’s always tomorrow..

I don’t have anything to profound to write here in this moment..  but I wanted to do a first post for 2015.. so here is a photo instead.. one of many that will need to be uploaded into the P files <– my portfolio


Happy 2015 everyone! May you find a bit of sunshine in everyday and be inspired..



I miss you hika-p

Its been awhile! Dropping in to say I’ve missed me.

Some things have changed and somethings will always stay the same.


2014-01-04 13.14.183


I was never much of a planner, now it seems like I’ve taken on that responsibility and here I am now. PLANNING.

Still disliking it, however when things do go to plan, I can’t help but feel a small twinge of success. Let’s hope my small successes add up to big ones.

And the plans that don’t quite go to plan? Let it be a lesson, a blessing in disguise.. Hey! You never used to plan, so whatever! Go with it and do the best you can!

Accept what comes to you.

Go watch Frozen. Very relevant. Do you wanna build a snowman??


2014-01-04 13.14.182

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In transit

In a place where I’m neither here or there.

On a random note, I got a note.

A Galaxy Note 3 to be exact. Big, shiny and white. I would take a photo but I cant do a photo inception using the note. (no longer have my iphone T_T)

Switching to the android platform is no easy task coming from the simplistic iphone. But to move forward, learn and change.

Too many functions yet not the exact functions I want. Hmm. Why still finding holes in the system and finding ways around. Doing this makes it 10x longer on an average task until we get efficient enough.

I want to end this post in a meh. I can’t seem to stop looking back, its making me trip up on the way forward.

I know my posts havent been very interesting lately, I’m in introspective mode. Hope to see the other side soon.

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