The joys of travel – aloha

Aloha .. Hello and goodbye..

I got a text at 12.30 after work on Saturday that my plane was going to be delayed 2 and a bit hours from 4.30 to 6.45. Oh my. On any other flight I wouldn’t have cared. But this flight was a connecting one to Honololu.

Well .. I made it here … Sunny(?) Ha-why-hee! After calling here and there.. panicking and rushing to the airport in hopes to get an earlier flight. 3 hours waiting at the airport where all Sydney flights have been delayed due to bad ass weather and crazy traffic control.

Nervously going in and out of shops hoping the one they put me on at 5.30 will not be further delayed to make my connection at 9. Which fully confirms that I cannot stay still at the slightest uncertainly ._. My poor heart.

Boarding was on time ( despite being the 3.30 flight that got pushed to 5.30!) and another hour passed on the plane squashed on a full flight between two how shall I say well filled out people who took my armrest AND my leg space. Fast forward another hour out of thin air due to daylight savings I arrived in one squashed piece in Sydney only to rush off the plane and check into my next flight leaving in 40 mins. In a different terminal. oTL

Pacing for another 7 minutes the bus came to whisk me to the international terminal 7 minutes – run run run the airport is too big! 5 minutes. Step one get boarding pass. 5 minutes. Step 2 counter guy gives me a pass to speed through security and immigration. (5 minutes) Woop! Done. Navigate all the freaking way through all the maze of the duty free shops to the gate (5 minutes) .. Not going to make it..

Got to the gate. A mass of people still standing around omg did the flight already close? Or it hasnt left? Look at the board it says . Los Angeles .. Small freak out until I peek at other passengers tickets which say Honololu .. Big sigh of relief. Sit down and wait for another 30 minutes. Board and wait for another 30 minutes because the run away has too many delayed flights that need to land.

Fly for 10 hrs with hardly any sleep. Exhausted. Wait some 4 hours more. Get on another plane. 30 minutes.

Lost luggage. Damn.

Whatever here is some photos



Magic is something you create

But you have to notice it first..

Finishing off a post I started however many many months ago. I have a feeling this year will be full of work, travel, photos .. and revival of my website?!

Thanks Pei for keeping me going, so many ways to internet now, and lack of time and energy but enough of excuses.. Lets start 2013 here.

Surprise ! I didnt even know I was back?

Well.. hello..

The site I thought was permanently down due to suspension due to a virus going on the host is.. back?!

I dont know what has lead me to check on my domain .. it even came as a surprise to me that it has magically reappeared just as I had left it.

2012. April. This domain is now 2 years old… and it will continue. I’ll be back. Really. I promise.

Its been awhile..

I haven’t died.. just been super busy!

Lets see .. since September.. been preparing to work in my own shop! =3 and in October the milestone reached!! *proud*

Its making me REALLY tired though T_T;; Also somehow my site got a virus GAH!! I deleted some of the affected files and updated so hopefully its fixed!!

ANYWAY heres some pretty photos in the meantime while I get everything back on track~

Taken @ Wivenhoe Dam ^^

Wanna go there again! Nice picnic place~ ! Until next time! Soon! hehe~

Attempt 2 & 3 to get prettia

Recently bubble dyed my hair with Liese (the other international name for Kao Prettia Bubble dye) that I bought from when I went Malaysia in Feb ~ which was super cheap (well compared to here anyway! Probably around 6 AU?)

This is my third time still as easy and as quick as ever.  I don’t think I could go back to regular dyes unless someone offers to do it for me.

SOO~ Back logging from May! Ugh been that slack but then again, now I can combine 2 posts! But yeah it has been THAT long since I dyed it ! Have not dyed since September 2010 refer to -> Am I Prettia?

Back in May! Probably around 16cm or more of regrowth of dark dark dark brow – my hair grows so slow!

Comparing top and bottom ~ colour is a little faded from Marshmellow Brown but still nice  only if it wasnt two toned ombre style =_=

Using Chestnut Brown this time~ I chucked out the box and forgot to take a photo of it *fail*

So here’s one I stole borrowed from Yesstyle (which is also where you can buy it online)

The May after with Chestnut brown! All  one nice even colour *happy* Which I was after rather than a complete colour change.

Fairly safe no brainer colour similar to my old one (Marshmellow Brown) although its not as bright the colour is more subdued
Hair s a bit dryer after dying though..

May Before

May after Chestnut Brown




Fast forward 4 months to now (well.. technically 3 days ago)

The unavoidable regrowth, although not as bad as last time XD ! Probably around 5cm?

Colour remains similar to original Chestnut perhaps a bit washed out and very slightly brassy.

This time I went for Sweet Pink o_o! Well actually it was the only bubble colour I had left! (Should have bought more!!)

Since its easier to just borrow the photo from Yesstyle I’ll do it again and give them credit by linking the product too =D

Thought lonnnnng and hard about this colour which I bought on a whim~ Probably coz it was the first box I picked up XD

Will it turn out too bright?

Will it work on the regrowth?

If it didn’t will I end up with dark brown/reddish hair on top and light orangy hair on the bottom?? OMGG IM A CUSTARD TART <- BIGGEST FEAR

September Sweet Pink after!

Yes, it did work really well on the regrowth, and its best of all even  *phew* The colour is a bit bright kinda like a peachy brown sheen under the light (see? its surely dyed!!)

but overall together under natural light its actually darker than my previous colour and with dark auburn brown tinges (hmm hard to describe! meh just see for yourself below XD )

I’m (somewhat) content with this colour, certainly a change from my previous, it makes my skin tone a bit bleh maybe because its darker? Wish I had fairer skin it would look so much better T_T

Its only been 3 days so we’ll see if I go rushing to change it but so far no one’s actually commented on the change in colour yet XD

Its been a long time since I did a review post.. it takes effort!

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