Hello iPad 2, how I compare thee

Hi all~ today I’m bringing you a blog post from my *new* iPad 2! Which I was very lucky to get from my beloved family and friends ^^* THANK YOU ~! ♥

iHika came to life 11.11pm Friday 29th weighing in at 613 grams and although not big at 16Gb – its not the size that matters its how you use it !

My brother was holding it at the time it woke which I saw was 11.11pm so I quickly grabbed it off him to take a screenshot but it changed to 11.12 D:

After I handed it back, he was trying to slide to “unlock” the screen but it wasn’t working because he was on the screenshot photo *LOL* nice job me hahaha~


OH! Hello world I has no sim card – this is the screenshot photo lol actually taken yesterday

Yes, I still have the wrapping around it and made a slit for the plug to go in XD ~ Need to leave it good condition until I get a screen protector and cover of some sort..

I also don’t have a stand yet.. but Yoshi makes a cute and practical stand plus he’s huggable =3 and FACT – I got Yoshi last year for my birthday from my bro Shin ! Yup~ I waste my time reading a lot of Flipboard..

From December last year, I shared an iPad with my mum – I was going to get one of my own but decided to wait for number 2 .. (( read that back LOL! I mean iPad 2 XDD ))
It’s awesome for parents when they know how to use it! My mum isn’t very tech savvy, she can somewhat type (which btw she taught herself using an old typing program) but she cannot use a mouse well.. hence no good at computers.
We have taught her how to read and write emails.. oh ! and attach photos! Watch YouTube and videos we uploaded for her.. and most importantly play games! I know OMG!! She was addicted to Plants Vs Zombies at one point. She usually falls asleep around 9-10pm watching whatever is on TV but she was staying up late 11-12-1pm playing it. I asked her ‘shouldn’t you be sleeping??’ Total role-reversal.. I remember when she used to say that to us kids when we were up late playing Nintendo or Sega .. now here she is.. in bed.. playing iPad games and asking what other games are good O_O!

At this point in time she has completed Plants Vs Zombies, most of Cut the Rope, most of Angry Birds and has ‘lost’ over 56k playing Egyptian Dreams (slot machine game).. and.. I’m PROUD of her! *LOL*

Sorry, blurry photo coz I focused on Yoshi reflecting on the screen~ The two ipad are almost identical in size, the border around the iPad 1 make it slightly bigger.

New curved shape for easier holding – it feels like A MacAir – still at bit weighty not noticeable unless you’re holding it for awhile..

Face to face – I think difference in the thinness is a more of a sense of illusion.. they look like the same width! Because you are holding the curved edges~ it FEELS much thinner! It’s suppose to be ~4.5mm thinner (I checked XD) which they took out from the rounded back of the iPad 1 – which didn’t exactly sit flat

Side by side ~ Hello Yoshi you photobomber you~ The little hole is the front facing camera

The backs

Number 1 covered with a customised Zaggskin we got for mum, looks really nice with the Zaggskin on, fits perfect as it covers ALL of the back and gives the iPad good grip when holding.
Number 2 – totally naked besides the original plastic cover o_o!!

Had a look at the Zaggskin for iPad 2 but.. it doesn’t look great *sigh* Because of the curved edges and the speaker being on the curved edge creates a horrible ugly problem =_=; and I dislike ugly very muchlies..  ((Note I also got a Zaggskin for my iPhone 3G which is also curved – the edges are now ragged, peeling and dirty~!! ))

Also I did not get the optional Apple front Smart Cover coz well.. I don’t think it will be that useful – it only protects the front and it will get annoying later on esp if you don’t use it as a stand – I think I’m the type that would be ripping it off and tossing it aside ^^;; Plus it’s too expensive for what it is! $_$ So.. any suggestions on covers?


20110503-112342.jpgThe back camera – large size (slightly shrunk – original size is too big for my layout) also no photoshop
Click on the photo for original size

20110503-112922.jpgPoint and zoomed in! Yoshi in pixelated form!

20110503-112941.jpgFront facing camera – what he would look like on facetime XD

20110503-113009.jpgWhat me + Yoshi would look like on facetime XD I like my pixelated face

So thoughts? Coz I like dot points


  • faster – woo~ not that I thought the old one is slow, it’s perfectly fine
  • thinner – feels nicer
  • colour option – white ! Not that I mind black.. Dunno it was different at the time, so impulsively chose white ~ but black is probably better for photos and movies IMO
  • it’s new – tee hee ~ new things are nice
  • it has cameras but READ on


  • low quality cameras – bet they did this purposely =_= so they can make a new iPad and charge more money.. iPhone4 has an awesome camera so WHY?
  • why no retina display? – again.. Apple WHY?
  • speaker on the back – guess they had no where else to put it since its all curved
  • the curves – gonna make it hard to find a cover that works perfectly without covering the important bits

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  1. Kaz
    May 5, 2011 at 10:42 pm (8 years ago)

    funni that i pointed my mouse cursor over the ur screenshot to try to “slide to unlock” the ipad haha epic fail for kaz XD

    yea.. camera sux, no offence XD


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