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Retiring from Klub Kandy

Yup, I went again… and now officially announcing my retirement. It took me 2 days to recover haha.. so sad..

I think this one was the last one for the year (27/11) and had a Christmas theme! Not that many people went dressed up compared to the Halloween one where the majority came in costume so when we rocked up and joined the line and saw almost no one in costume -_-;; I was tempted to ditch mine but I’m glad I didn’t coz I looked damn cute like an angel. Although Lindsay’s mum thought I looked like a rabbit wth -_-;

Getting beamed to earth to go to KK and dance ^^a;;
Okay, actually it was just a random garage door with changing lights

Weird angle angel o_o, this selca is so weird – my face looks so flat!  but I’ll post it anyway XD

Went with my KK angel in crimeLindsay (who is sadly going to be leaving me for some boy an awesome guy in Canada ㅠ_ㅜ )

The ever so Asian poses that I can’t stop doing – don’t judge me.

Outlasting the young ones and leaving Family @ 4am, looking disheveled, sweaty and surprisingly with plenty energy left!

I didnt get that many photos this time round – see last Halloween post but I kept the camera in the boot/trunk of my car and used that left over energy to get some nice morning twilight shots at 4am ! Wish I had my tripod hand held landscape at night = blurry =_= Would like to re-do these shots sometime but its unlikley for me to wake up at 4am just to take photos.. sleep >> photos which means me = photographer FAIL

A big THANK YOU to my awesome friend Lindsay for the wonderful adventures and shielding me from the creepy young guys ^^*!

Will def miss you and visit you in Can-a-di-a ~ aaay?!

Happy Late Hallo-weenie

This is a catch up post I planned for Halloween but missed due to a looooooong day of work, followed by a loooooooong day of rest (and an preempted impromptu shopping trip as per last entry XD )

Back in September I went to Klub Kandy – uni student dance party @ Family / Halloween in September – so yup! Halloween came early for me, quite unexpectedly too! My awesome friend Lindsay messaged me in the morning and asked if I wanted to go KK. Being stupid, I thought KK stood for KaraoKe so.. I said SURE! Why not right?

Anyway to the point. Average age range from 18-24? Lets say I am no longer in that range, and I haven’t been to a dance party in a LONG time.

Besides that fact I ended up having fun, reason being… I got to dress up! Yay for Halloween in September! They did this because Halloween falls during study prep week and good for me because I worked Halloween. Looking back I think this is my first ever halloween dress up party o_o!

Mean Girls – In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it”

Hence Lindsay transforming from B-Girl dancer to school girl..
She’s so awesome she can even pose while putting on a sock!

My highschool friend Ouch, the mummy photographer. I asked him if I could have his camera. He said no. Side note: I’ve never seen a mummy wear glasses before. He told me it took 2 hours to ‘put’ on his costume. He also had to figure out the logistics of being able to pee while wearing his costume. o_o;;

Posing @ Family – got free devil headbands – yay another addition to my headgear collection

Leaving @ 3am tired and sweaty – we had a good work out

Lastly – some sailor camwhoring !

Things I’ve learnt

  • Drinks including water cost money so suck up to the bartender =  free water and mocktails!
  • Don’t bring an SLR camera – almost 1kg weight is impossible to dance and carry round, also not so cool
  • Don’t give your number to strangers at KK – they could turn out to be 9 years younger than you ^^;
  • Wear flat shoes and not heels, not matter how good they look – its nice to be able to dance without complaining about your feet
  • Bring cash – credit does not work, also I dont think many students have credit cards haha..
  • Its fun to dress up  – the kid in me has never left
  • I have more endurance than I thought and all without alcohol! High on life wooooo! XD
  • Its fun to go back in time – reliving the moments of my youth haha..  *sigh*

Will be posting up photos from the races soonish!