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The only way to drink milk

Introducing Sack boy – a character from the PS game Little Big Planet ^^ He’s been adopted by Hika and will be appearing here every now and again! Yesterday I got him to pose with my Strawberry Sipahh, these are straws filled with the flavouring beads inside the straw (super awesome idea) !!  and are loveeeee.. FACT – I can’t drink normal milk, it makes me sick ㅠㅠ and soy milk tastes horrible – the little kid inside of me can only have flavoured stuff! Also buying a whole carton of flavoured milk or powder mixes will probably go to waste unless everyone else in my family likes its~ I can have a different flavour everyday !! Theres the usual chocolate, strawberry, caramel, banana.. and then the special ones – cookies and cream,choc mint.. and toffee apple !! XD This post sounds like an ad.. but its not ~~  just wanna share my new discovery ~! But if someone from the company sees this and wants to give me free sipahhs, I’ll be happy to accept ^^b

Strawberry Sippah = yummy!!

Sackboy on a misson to find the next straw!

Always lazy after my 3 day work weekend + add Starcraft 2 = no post ^^; Sorry, will try to post a least once a week! Determination ++ !!