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G-Market Round 2

This purchase was way back from Feburary.. Its been THAT long!

Since I won that Gmarket top blogger I had to spend it right? Funny thing is that I still have left over money in my Gmarket account.. =_=’ due to the fact I had to split my order into two and then combine it back for shipping = FAIL GMARKET – I hope you fix this soon! or reward me with another 50 000 won~ (hehe.. pretty please?)

You see.. to use the money you have in the account means making an order thats less than or equal (including estimated shipping) to the amount in your account – I had about 57 000 won – it was a bit of juggling with items to make it add up somewhat to that = PAYMENT 1 via GAccount

Then anything else I wanted to order had to be made into a new order which included another EMS shipping estimate.. of course because they overestimate, I got charged more because of two seperate orders that were charged individually (ugh.. am I even making sense?) = PAYMENT 2 via Paypal

Then combining it into one shipment – resulting in a new shipping estimate which is less because order 1 and order 2 charges are overestimated = OVER PAYMENT back into GAccount (24 000 won)

At least you can use combined shipping when you’ve already put an order through and it hasn’t been sent yet and  wanted to add more to it… but I wouldn’t really recommend it since you’ll be paying more for postage (which you may get back into your Gmarket account if they have overestimated it)

TLDR –> Better to do ONE BIG order if you can

Postage on this order took a little longer than my previous order – say 72 hours? Still not bad but I was expecting fast like first Gmarket order.. guess it really depends on the individual sellers

Not many packages inside T_T!

White lace shorts ~ $19 AU + free hair ties (not shown)

Got the black one in my first order so now I got a white one ~ nice for wearing under dresses or long tees

Seller – 당고언니
Listing – Lace shorts

Tony Moly – Peach hand cream ~$4.50 AU / Black gel eyeliner  $8 AU+ free samples

Bought this hand cream when I went to Korea last – its smells sooo good.. not greasy but moisturing and apparently anti-wrinkle? Packaging in a cute peach container may look like something else according to other people XD Gel eyeliner is pretty good too, brush attached looks convenient (coz I kept losing my Kate eyeliner brush) but isn’t that great  =_= that or I’m not using it properly (keeps retracting on me)

Seller – 토니모리 본사
Listing – Gel eyeliner
Listing – Peach hand cream

Etude House – Proof 10 Jewerly Pencil ~ $5.50 AU

Needed a new pencil liner – it was the only thing I liked from Etude House.. probably because Dara from 2NE1 was advertising it XD
Originally wanted blue because of her but then logic struck and thought sparkling black is probably more in my colour usage range haha

Seller – 에뛰드하우스 직영샵
Listing – Proof 10 Jewerly Pencil

Shorts and boardies $35 AU total + free pull string bag and beach ball

Needed some casual beach stuff for my trip to Malaysia (o_o I could no longer fit in my old boardies omg~) and yes you can buy couple pairs lol
The boardies were good quality ones and the shorts material was a bit thinner than expected but okay not like its gonna rip

Seller – 헤링본 비치웨어
Listing – boardies/shorts


and.. thats it! Didn’t buy much this round but felt like I paid more ._.

50000 Won won

I gots paid to shop~!! My GG* Gmarket post won me 50000 won!! Yay!  ^^

Its time to put in my next order~ ! Maybe will put it in before the end of this month before my coupons run out XD  Then then.. I can win another gift certificate and order more and more (I can see a vicious cyle here!)

… and yes pun FULLY intended =3 I know .. much lamesauce hehe..

GG* Gmarket

You got me hooked.. and on my first order!

Gmarket = Korea’s kindalike version of eBay (but not eBay) –  and is owned by eBay lol except I can buy all kinda special crap (see below for more info)

So… it arrived this morning ~!! Much happiness~! ^^

So what kinda crap did I get?

Big EMS post box, I ripped it open!

The packages from diff sellers