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Am I Prettia?

Hehe, like my title? I dyed my hair last Wednesday with Kao Prettia Marshmellow Brown (Japanese hair dye I bought this at MyCube shop @Sunnybank – cool shop btw)

I wanted to try this one because its a BUBBLE foam dye (tee hee hee coz bubbles are fun!)  instead of the traditional cream type dyes so its much much much easier to apply – its like applying mousse to your hair.. I usually get my brother to help me but this time I was able to do it on my own YAY!

So heres the box / colour chart / how to apply


Hair cut + scary face

I tagged along with my parents this afternoon to Inala (they like to go there for their groceries despite the millions of asian shops nearer to us o_o;  although FACT – my parents used to run a restaurant there when I was younger!) with my brother Shin and we got our hair cut today at ViVi, a  Korean hair salon. Apparently on their business card it says “the BEST Korean Stylist in Brisbane INALA” lol, I’m sure this is true because I don’t think there is another Korean stylist in Inala XD

Anyway they were nice, they guy cutting my hair was WEIRD though =3 I think his name was Jimmy. He told me my face looked scary if I didn’t smile, and so forced me to smile or he wouldn’t finish cutting my hair o_o;  He also complained my hair was thin and asked if I had babies hahaha~ he explained (in broken english) that when you have babies your hair gets thinner and said he was worried for me ㅠ_ㅠ He also lied to me and said he was 25 when he was actually 34 (with 2 babies!! XD ) Also I don’t think he liked the style I choose coz he kept wanting to show me other pictures..

I miss Sandra, she’s my ‘hair designer’ in Kwangju =D She cuts hair good and doesn’t make weird comments.. but anyway I like my current cut, reasonable price – although mum was still shocked and said she could cut it herself, she didn’t even notice my brother got his hair cut too haha *FAIL*. Also stylist Jimmy liked my vest so much he tried it on ^^;; Too bad he deleted the pictures on my camera before I left

Will continue my Europe posts tomorrow~ ^^