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The plan

In words for actioning.

  1. Redesign this site. I worked really hard on this current layout! What looked somewhat advanced then is now 1000000x outdated. I too, am outdated – the code has evolved and I’m a grandma of the internet. Time to relearn the ways of html? Perhaps. Or the lazy person way and buy someone else’s brain work. Sounds good.
  2. Fix my darn computer. Something that was brand -spanking-state of the art-sparkly newly built in 2008 computer, is now 4 years old which is close to ancient in computer age. I haven’t even had the chance to take off the protective plastic off my mirror case yet. That was going to happen when I moved into my own house – obviously has not happened yet.
  3. Clear out at least half of my things. Some things just arent important anymore. If my friend can spend one year backpacking with the most minimal things, I don’t need half of my things. The more I write things, the more awkward I think the word ‘things’ look. THINGS! LOOK AT ALL OF MY THINGS! Maybe I should change the word things to stuff. Look at this stuff isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you think my collections complete.. *materialistic mermaid thoughts*
  4. I loved learning. I still do, I just haven’t focused. It’s time to start studying again. Shikari!
  5. Photos. Lots of photos. Taking it above and beyond my Pokemon Snap days! 😀
  6. Enjoy the journey. Its not always about the destination.

The Cape de Couedic – Kangaroo Island, SA March 2012


Road blocks

I do have lots of things to post.. so many things..

but .



this is whats happening to me


Thinking too much and ending up with nothing.

Yup, they have a word for it o_o; I just googled it. I couldn’t post photos of my car because I felt I didnt have enough good photos to post, then I wanted wordpress to make me mulitple 150×150 thumbs display my photos, and then the code isnt working for me so I feel like I can’t post about anything else until I do my car post.  Road Block. Haha the irony.. road block on my car post.

and its not only about, its things that are happening around me too… but thats a post for another day. Another one to add to my growing lists of posts.

When did I stop being spontaneous and filtering everything so carefully.. kinda like my tweet delete syndrome =_=

Does this happen to anyone else??

MIA for 2 months


.. been out of action for about 2 months now.. what the heck have I been doing with myself~?

1. work issues – may be getting my own shop soon?

2. family issues – 3 family members been in hospital

3. life issues – energy out to the first 1,2 issues leaves me with not much motivation for anything else – including

Three things that make life life right? Oh and in the middle of all that I did take a very short holiday to Malaysia and Singapore.. so…

Will starting posting more shortly~! Things are starting to get back to normal so check back in a week?

Here’s a picture to entertain you in the meantime

Spot the dog~ Foxie, perfect colour match for flooring! She’s waiting for the new post too..

PS. no days are good days to go TROLLING. Be nice to people online and don’t do it.. even though it’s fun =3 Keep up with the fun – read

Likey much?

I’m still playing around with the site, so please be patient if my website loads slow or things are mis-aligned~

There is now a LIKE icon  next to comments, so lazy people who don’t comment (yes I know you’re out there) can simply click it to show me some appreciation and they like my posts! All comments are loved ^^ THANK YOU to all who commented so far~

After accidently throwing out 2 custom Zagg skins, and a mirror shield in the bin (ugh, don’t ask) I reordered another custom one of them and it arrived today (all the way from the US!) because the Aus Zagg doesn’t do custom skins yet) and so..  changed my iPhone skin ^^! Its now Tokidoki art print coz I heart heart tokidoki!  Still  like my old skin but time for a change (had it on for over 6 months!) and.. I think the old skin is still reusable ^^; Well I hope so anyway!

It was harder to peel off the old skin but thats a good thing coz you know that its on and won’t come off randomly later. Although there were some yukky grime bits where the edges were, but I guess you can’t really help that (kinda like greasy finger marks on the screen). The skins are easy to apply – they stick on with static sticker  (its not really sticky though o_oa?)

.. and yes, it does stop scratches without ruining the skin (awesome healing skin properties !)  but does not prevent your phone from smashing it to pieces if you drop it XD although with the skin it does help your phone stick to your hand – its got a bit of texture so it doesn’t slip so easily.. btw, iPhones are not recommended for clumsy people – I already noticed a small crack at the bottom of my phone when I dropped it on concrete in Sydney hehe SO SO lucky it didn’t fully crack!

If you ever decide to order one – remember to get a discount code by signing up to their iPad giveaway – they send you an email with a random discount – I got a 50% off code and $10 gift card from my last orders (which where also during a 50% off) which made my skin FREE – just pay for postage !   ♪~ヾ(*-*)

Sick + Bleh

Sorry havent posted lately~ work plus sickness took over.. WARNING – WHINGEY POST AHEAD

I thought it was weird when I was at work this Saturday and my legs were so sore and achey I couldn’t stand up for long then my back started hurting too! Thought I was just tired and lacked sleep (and dare I say – getting OLD?!)  but.. yesterday, thank gosh, was my day off and I spent most of it bored in bed because I had no energy and so achey I couldn’t move, couldn’t really sleep well too despite being tired ><~

Today~ bit better, still achey energy levels improving~ yay! But still don’t know whats wrong with me..  whats weird though.. is having your fingers ache haha..

I also realised this weekend that need to modify my layout – it looks deformed in Internet Explorer and at smaller resolutions. So selfish of me to design only for my screen and browser – ugh I suck as a web designer XD

I’m off to watch a movie now~ Going the Distance with my bestie Lain Lain~ maybe something to learn from this movie ^^

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