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Magic is something you create

But you have to notice it first..

Finishing off a post I started however many many months ago. I have a feeling this year will be full of work, travel, photos .. and revival of my website?!

Thanks Pei for keeping me going, so many ways to internet now, and lack of time and energy but enough of excuses.. Lets start 2013 here.

Love love ekilove

Last month was a busy month for me~ it the midst of all that there were bigger things happening in the world.. Its all so sad… also I’m very relieved that people I know were not hurt and are okay and that there are lots of people supporting them.

One person being the lovely Eki ~ I couldn’t help but order when  her shop EkiLove was donating 75% of her proceeds to Japan which is always a good reason to spend money =3  Plus her handmade things are always so pretty~ On top of that there is free shipping for orders over $85 US and she includes a sheetmask and nail stickers as free gifts.

Ordered a total of 4 items but I only took photos of two of them ^^; One was a gift – it was the Love Neko necklace and the other was the Vintage floral bow headband – I was wearing it at the time XD

Everything comes nicely packaged *happy*

Sparkle Sparkle!! Moon and Star necklace / Elegant Hime bracelet

Please support EkiLove and Japan

I’m sure Japan is on its way to getting back to normal soon, they are so efficient like that! Must make my 7th visit there soon =3 Perhaps when my brother Shin finally gets over there in October! ((Even though you were suppose to go this month in April – it was the best decision for parent’s piece of mind Mum and Dad will be happier knowing you are safe.))

Pray for a better 2011 and no impending doom in 2012!!