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Its November?!

Hi there whoever you are! I don’t know where the time has went but apparently its mid November..

Months have passed and yet I feel as if time has stopped for me as if I was a rock in the middle of a fast moving stream of life. More like a bystander just observing the things around me change.

Even this little puppy – meet Cinnamon aka Mini – my mini #longhairdontcare dachshund..

She has grown from this..8V4A0005to this.. in 4 months


Look at me! I’m a dog now!

I wish I could say the same about me.. ” Look at me! I’m an adult!” hahah..

Perhaps one day..


Ps. You can follow her on her own Instagram

Super Trees - Singapore

I dont know what I’m doing..

Where I have been and gone.. now what? These last few years have been challenging and just when I thought I knew I was going.. I’m suddenly lost again.

Getting lost in this big world and not really knowing where you are going or what you should be doing. Every place seems like a distant memory, a captured moment in time almost like a daydream from reality.

And so the cycle begins again..

*more randomness thoughts and ramblings that make no sense*


I miss you hika-p

Its been awhile! Dropping in to say I’ve missed me.

Some things have changed and somethings will always stay the same.


Thinking about thinking

I’m overwhelmed, then consumed. Let’s break that pattern.

Lets learn not to give an F

Overgeneralizing is awful – one thing doesn’t make everything bad. Many things one after another makes things bad.. but… not for long.

Processing and not labeling it as a problem – it’s not a problem until you make it one. It’s not bad until you think its bad. The more you think it’s bad it’s going to be worse.

Such is a self fulfilling prophecy.

Why is it also that we think so much of the past that it affects the future, a future that doesn’t exist yet except in the mind.

Experiences and memories are what bought you to this present place, it influences behaviour, thought processes, emotions and such to the point where it becomes your personality and character.  Does this make you who you are? If so, then are you a sum of all your experiences? Does your personality change so easily after one or a few experiences?

All we are left with questions, maybe that don’t even need to be answered. Because you are yourself, no matter who you are. As much as that doesn’t make sense.

I am being very random, that is me.

The plan

In words for actioning.

  1. Redesign this site. I worked really hard on this current layout! What looked somewhat advanced then is now 1000000x outdated. I too, am outdated – the code has evolved and I’m a grandma of the internet. Time to relearn the ways of html? Perhaps. Or the lazy person way and buy someone else’s brain work. Sounds good.
  2. Fix my darn computer. Something that was brand -spanking-state of the art-sparkly newly built in 2008 computer, is now 4 years old which is close to ancient in computer age. I haven’t even had the chance to take off the protective plastic off my mirror case yet. That was going to happen when I moved into my own house – obviously has not happened yet.
  3. Clear out at least half of my things. Some things just arent important anymore. If my friend can spend one year backpacking with the most minimal things, I don’t need half of my things. The more I write things, the more awkward I think the word ‘things’ look. THINGS! LOOK AT ALL OF MY THINGS! Maybe I should change the word things to stuff. Look at this stuff isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you think my collections complete.. *materialistic mermaid thoughts*
  4. I loved learning. I still do, I just haven’t focused. It’s time to start studying again. Shikari!
  5. Photos. Lots of photos. Taking it above and beyond my Pokemon Snap days! 😀
  6. Enjoy the journey. Its not always about the destination.

The Cape de Couedic – Kangaroo Island, SA March 2012


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