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The Days Before Christmas

Cannot for the life of me make a coherent post for the last week or so.. because I’ve been lazy busy.

So here’s another mishmash of things that have happened in the last few days..


Dec 14th – 2nd Konad experiment..

Base – Orly – Blackout +  VOV Chamon – Lilac
Stamp – Konad special white, Sally Hansen X-treme wear – Celeb City, Revlon Not So Blue-Berry
Top – Sally Hansen Diamond Shine
Plate – m57 – leopard print / lace leopard print

Couldn’t decide whether I wanted to go light or dark so I went with BOTH hence the black and lilac. Celeb City as a stamp colour worked the best so far..  Revlon Not so Blue-Berry umm.. not bad coz its not as contrasty but  smell is nice – constantly asking people to smell my fingers (lol! they smell like berries okay?!). The leopard print is turned out reallly good, people kept asking me if it was fake or a sticker.  Fact – I’ve only had a proper manicure done once in my life only because Moon took me while I was in Korea =3 I think manicures are a waste of money esp because I’m so careless. In conclusion – konad is awesomesauce I can do myself!


Dec 15th – Guess what this is…


Quickii + China tour post 2

Sorry, I’ve become a lazy blogger ^^;  So here’s another quick summary of the last week

  • pharmacy related stuffs – boring really, but need to make the money you know~
  • study~! been tryin to get back into studying, Japanese and Korean at the same time to maximise efficiency
  • dancing – unco hiphop, hika style // so so sore after
  • meeting friends – because I have friends ! yay! hahahaha
  • finished watching – My Girlfriend is a Gumiho 내 여자친구는 구미호– loved it, cute, funny, chemistry
  • now watching –Playful Kiss 장난스런 키스 – playing on Goong’s territory o_o; but like the storyline – k-version of It Started with a Kiss
  • Eat Pray Love (♥♥♥) , girly movie based on a true story and book
  • Resident Evil – After Life (♥♥♥♥♥) , my favourite movie series EVER.

and now for the China photo spammage

Days 3-4


Quickii update list

Just coz I like lists..

  • Went to Klub Kandy Monday night – it was Halloween in September, was surprisingly FUN and a bit dangerous keke!
  • My girl BFF, Lain noticed my hair colour! My~ she is observant D: She thought I had done it at a salon (WIN!)
  • My guy BFF, Kaz is having a joint party on Saturday – HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!! (⌒▽⌒)ノ_彡☆
  • I’m going to China on Sunday/Monday on a 7 day tour with mum and Shin ~ YAY for overseas trips!
  • My friend help my buy a Canon 580EXII flash but it will arrive after I come back from China ㅠㅠ
  • I still have dermatitis on my eyelids – it makes me sad, irritated and have deformed puffy eyes (ノ´Д`)ノ
  • Its getting hot..