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This time last year

As the new year comes around.. omg in another 2.5 days (3 days, depending on where you live!), it’s that time again to be a little nostalgic and see how you have wasted spent another year!

This time last year 29 Dec 2009 I was..

Taking a lot of bokeh light photos ^^*

Next day 30th Dec, with the summer rain – stopping at night for a photo of new mushrooms at night

New years eve 2009 – New years day 2010 – Firework view from Sam’s house

then.. I worked on the very first day of 2010… OTL

Btw, Merry (belated, bah hum bug) Christmas.. as usual not a big thing for me because I worked and well.. no one to celebrate it with anyway ㅠ_ㅠ huhu~

Better for me to be left out in the festivities so I guess I must thank work for allowing me to do so.. Hmm.. seems I spend all the ‘important’ days working ._.; sucks to be me

Anyway! New year coming and..
2010 highlights in the next post !!