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Symphonies = Weddings

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    Tegan+John ~ Bryon Bay Beach Wedding

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    Tegan+John ~ Bryon Bay Beach Wedding

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    Tegan+John ~ Bryon Bay Beach Wedding

Blast from the past, just finished uploading one of my first weddings – Tegan + John ~ Bryon Bay Beach Wedding into my portfolio (The P files).

This beach wedding was so much fun to photograph and will always have a special place in my heart. Not only because it was beautiful but more so because, while driving to beach, the bride suddenly remembered that forgot to bring her vows that she wrote that very morning while on the toilet (the best thoughts come out there!) and just as quickly, typed up what she could remember on her iphone! She is an amazing woman.

Thanks Tegan and John for giving me the chance and letting me be my first.

Wanting to be “creative” ie. different, I wanted to label my portfolio as such – Symphonies – as a wedding is like an orchestra, the instruments – family and friends coming together and celebrating the beautiful movements as a whole.


See my other Symphonies below..


Ashleigh + Daniel ~ Tallebudgera Valley Wedding

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Vanessa + David ~ Tea Ceremony / Wedding

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Tegan + John ~ Bryon Bay Beach Wedding

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The plan

In words for actioning.

  1. Redesign this site. I worked really hard on this current layout! What looked somewhat advanced then is now 1000000x outdated. I too, am outdated – the code has evolved and I’m a grandma of the internet. Time to relearn the ways of html? Perhaps. Or the lazy person way and buy someone else’s brain work. Sounds good.
  2. Fix my darn computer. Something that was brand -spanking-state of the art-sparkly newly built in 2008 computer, is now 4 years old which is close to ancient in computer age. I haven’t even had the chance to take off the protective plastic off my mirror case yet. That was going to happen when I moved into my own house – obviously has not happened yet.
  3. Clear out at least half of my things. Some things just arent important anymore. If my friend can spend one year backpacking with the most minimal things, I don’t need half of my things. The more I write things, the more awkward I think the word ‘things’ look. THINGS! LOOK AT ALL OF MY THINGS! Maybe I should change the word things to stuff. Look at this stuff isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you think my collections complete.. *materialistic mermaid thoughts*
  4. I loved learning. I still do, I just haven’t focused. It’s time to start studying again. Shikari!
  5. Photos. Lots of photos. Taking it above and beyond my Pokemon Snap days! 😀
  6. Enjoy the journey. Its not always about the destination.

The Cape de Couedic – Kangaroo Island, SA March 2012


Its been awhile..

I haven’t died.. just been super busy!

Lets see .. since September.. been preparing to work in my own shop! =3 and in October the milestone reached!! *proud*

Its making me REALLY tired though T_T;; Also somehow my site got a virus GAH!! I deleted some of the affected files and updated so hopefully its fixed!!

ANYWAY heres some pretty photos in the meantime while I get everything back on track~

Taken @ Wivenhoe Dam ^^

Wanna go there again! Nice picnic place~ ! Until next time! Soon! hehe~

City of Lights @ Brisbane Southbank

Didnt get to see Riverfire but this was good enough ^^* Santos City of Lights goes until 24th of September, I might go check it out again from another angle and also the light sphere and scope~

Doesn’t look like what the photo on the website shows though! My night photography is improving~ so yay? =D

Colours of Spring

I know I haven’t posted in awhile because its spring I should make a fresh ‘start’? These colours make me happy ^^

Until next time!!

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