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Rome 2007

4 days in Roma – The Eternal City Travelled from Paris to Rome by overnight train (we were lucky to even get to Rome because there was a railway strike at the time!!) TIP – overnight trains once in a lifetime experience but never again! There were 6 people travelling in our carriage – felt like cattle and it was scary because you don’t know if someone will rob you overnight when you’re sleeping!

Also lucky to see ancient Rome before it disappears.. but it’s such a touristy place!  TIP 2 –  Don’t accept help from strangers, kindness from strangers doesn’t exist in Rome – but they are tricking you and WILL DEMAND MONEY saying it’s part of their ‘job’. Sadly enough it happened to me a Roman offering to take my photo (thought he was gonna steal my camera!) wanted 5 Euros >_< So many hawkers on the streets too, so dodgy dodge!