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Super Trees - Singapore

I dont know what I’m doing..

Where I have been and gone.. now what? These last few years have been challenging and just when I thought I knew I was going.. I’m suddenly lost again.

Getting lost in this big world and not really knowing where you are going or what you should be doing. Every place seems like a distant memory, a captured moment in time almost like a daydream from reality.

And so the cycle begins again..

*more randomness thoughts and ramblings that make no sense*


Hello today ! 2015 !

Keep on tryin’~

Keep on walkin’ ~

Don’t worry there’s always tomorrow..

I don’t have anything to profound to write here in this moment..  but I wanted to do a first post for 2015.. so here is a photo instead.. one of many that will need to be uploaded into the P files <– my portfolio


Happy 2015 everyone! May you find a bit of sunshine in everyday and be inspired..


My daze days

pun!! XD loving creative titles! So proud of myself LOL !

Been in a daze lately – lots of things changing and happening very soon. Things to plan for so lots of things to think and worry about T-T!! *stress* !! Best thing to do? Not think about it at all. Hahah~~

Includes random outings.. to run away and forget things!

like one to Noosa~ Weather was sooo nice ~~ First stop @ Eumundi markets! Lots of colourful and yummy things =3 Love that Queensland is so laid back ~

So simple yet so mesmerising…

Seashell candles – make your home look beachy!

Cute long neck turtles

Remember these? Feels like childhood!

I found NEMO ! *lame* haha

Dreamcatcher catch me a dream

I’m drooling looking at this salt and pepper calamari photo again.. =O~~

Winter means its strawbeeee season! All I can think about is having these with creamy vanilla icecream =O~ I need to stop looking at food photos T-T If I’m making you hungry too, I’m sorry! But too bad coz more food photos ahead hehe

Can you believe its the middle of winter? o_o! I’m a Queenslander but I wouldnt dare swim.. but perhaps sunbake with a cardigan on haha..

Sand castles by the beach

Hmm.. DIY Caesar salad? XD

OH nom nom~ cocooned oysters

Afternoon sunshine *_* Thats my friend in the background eating icecream XD

Wish I coulda stayed longer..

Arrived in Suzhou

Hi from Suzhou 苏州 China, currently on day 2 of the tour~

So far in list form – day 1
– left Bris at 12.50am
– landed in Brunei at 5/6am
– went on a small tour around Brunei until 10am local
– left for Shanghai and arrived round 3pm local
– checked in hotel 5 star! and went to eat dinner which was oily and fatty Chinese food
– went home after dinner because we were wasted lol
– did get to check out the local family mart so cheap *heart family mart*

Day 2
– buffet breakfast and checked out 8am
– went to Shanghai Peoples Square ~ shopping! only had one stinky hour though but will go back there
– went to a museum forgot the name but it was crowded
– ate a mediocre fatty lunch and headed to AAAAA Chinese garden name makes me lol
– ate a better dinner then stopped by Li Gong Di for night photos but by that time all our cameras batteries had died
– checked into a swish hotel and now here blogging in bed using my iPhone woo for free Internet and boo for blockage of social networks XD

Rome 2007

4 days in Roma – The Eternal City Travelled from Paris to Rome by overnight train (we were lucky to even get to Rome because there was a railway strike at the time!!) TIP – overnight trains once in a lifetime experience but never again! There were 6 people travelling in our carriage – felt like cattle and it was scary because you don’t know if someone will rob you overnight when you’re sleeping!

Also lucky to see ancient Rome before it disappears.. but it’s such a touristy place!  TIP 2 –  Don’t accept help from strangers, kindness from strangers doesn’t exist in Rome – but they are tricking you and WILL DEMAND MONEY saying it’s part of their ‘job’. Sadly enough it happened to me a Roman offering to take my photo (thought he was gonna steal my camera!) wanted 5 Euros >_< So many hawkers on the streets too, so dodgy dodge!


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