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Hello iPad 2, how I compare thee

Hi all~ today I’m bringing you a blog post from my *new* iPad 2! Which I was very lucky to get from my beloved family and friends ^^* THANK YOU ~! ♥

iHika came to life 11.11pm Friday 29th weighing in at 613 grams and although not big at 16Gb – its not the size that matters its how you use it !

My brother was holding it at the time it woke which I saw was 11.11pm so I quickly grabbed it off him to take a screenshot but it changed to 11.12 D:

After I handed it back, he was trying to slide to “unlock” the screen but it wasn’t working because he was on the screenshot photo *LOL* nice job me hahaha~


OH! Hello world I has no sim card – this is the screenshot photo lol actually taken yesterday

Yes, I still have the wrapping around it and made a slit for the plug to go in XD ~ Need to leave it good condition until I get a screen protector and cover of some sort..

I also don’t have a stand yet.. but Yoshi makes a cute and practical stand plus he’s huggable =3 and FACT – I got Yoshi last year for my birthday from my bro Shin ! Yup~ I waste my time reading a lot of Flipboard..


Likey much?

I’m still playing around with the site, so please be patient if my website loads slow or things are mis-aligned~

There is now a LIKE icon  next to comments, so lazy people who don’t comment (yes I know you’re out there) can simply click it to show me some appreciation and they like my posts! All comments are loved ^^ THANK YOU to all who commented so far~

After accidently throwing out 2 custom Zagg skins, and a mirror shield in the bin (ugh, don’t ask) I reordered another custom one of them and it arrived today (all the way from the US!) because the Aus Zagg doesn’t do custom skins yet) and so..  changed my iPhone skin ^^! Its now Tokidoki art print coz I heart heart tokidoki!  Still  like my old skin but time for a change (had it on for over 6 months!) and.. I think the old skin is still reusable ^^; Well I hope so anyway!

It was harder to peel off the old skin but thats a good thing coz you know that its on and won’t come off randomly later. Although there were some yukky grime bits where the edges were, but I guess you can’t really help that (kinda like greasy finger marks on the screen). The skins are easy to apply – they stick on with static sticker  (its not really sticky though o_oa?)

.. and yes, it does stop scratches without ruining the skin (awesome healing skin properties !)  but does not prevent your phone from smashing it to pieces if you drop it XD although with the skin it does help your phone stick to your hand – its got a bit of texture so it doesn’t slip so easily.. btw, iPhones are not recommended for clumsy people – I already noticed a small crack at the bottom of my phone when I dropped it on concrete in Sydney hehe SO SO lucky it didn’t fully crack!

If you ever decide to order one – remember to get a discount code by signing up to their iPad giveaway – they send you an email with a random discount – I got a 50% off code and $10 gift card from my last orders (which where also during a 50% off) which made my skin FREE – just pay for postage !   ♪~ヾ(*-*)