Finally China Post 3

A very overdue China post.. its been a month since I went on that tour. So this is the final chapter…

Days 5,6,7  in photo spammage – Nanjing, Huangzhou and Shanghai Expo

Warning – Contains large post with LOTS of photos

My favourite photo from Huangzhou theater show

Went to a jade ‘factory’ but I didn’t find jade exciting so I took a photo of an amethyst geode displayed instead, although FACT good jade can cut glass (wow!)

We went to many ‘factories’ on this tour – silk, pearl, jade, green tea, tea pot, globe art, and jade/jewelery again. I call these ‘factories’ tourist traps – sure, learning about them is all good but the main point is selling. They would make tons of money. Tourist need souvenirs, stores need customers, so sure, it sorta makes sense to do that, but I’d rather buy like a local, and shop where the locals shop. Also, they like to rip you off in those places because you don’t really know the real price unless you’re a local. Just a small rant XD

I didn’t end up getting sucked in, although did cave in and bought some pearl pendants as presents because they lowered the price dramatically to start selling because we were about to leave. Its always the way, look interested, but walk away and they will offer you a better price.

Thought it was a butterfly, turned out to be a moth, colours still pretty anyway, but head.. not so pretty

Love the colours of peacock feathers~ shimmery goodness

Red dragonfly! I’ve only seen boring coloured ones, also the first one I’ve gotten up close with since it always flew back to the same resting spot!!

Autumn leaves~ wish I focused on the leaf in front but I couldnt kneel to the ground here – swivel screen would be good lol

and.. the rest in somewhat chronological order..

Nanjing bridge/Yangtze river, glass globe art, me Hi-5-ing Mao, famous lake in Huangzhou, theater theme park Huangzhou, green tea field and factory Huangzhou, Nanjing shopping road Shanghai

Shanghai Expo 2010 – disappointment in dot points

  • way TOO MANY people – popular exhibitions like Japan, Korea had >4 hour waits @_@
  • line for almost everything including entry, toilets and food and even exit..
  • due to long lines only got to see a only a few exhibitions (see passport stamps)
  • Chinese are extremely pushy and rude particularly @ Expo
  • omg had to pay for passport stamps which were not so special stickers WTF

Highlight – there’s gotta be some

  • awesome building/pavillion designs – favourite – Macau’s exhibit super cute (Rabbit Lantern Macau Pavillion) I didnt get a good shot ;_;
  • ‘visiting’ lots of countries in 1 place XD I know its not the same but you get a taste
  • only performance seen was Korean drums and it was gooood =D encore encore!
  • not all Chinese people are rude, a little girl ran to give me my passport I dropped (theres still hope!!)

Passport stamps obtained – the not so popular ones hehe

  • Vietnam – pavillion was tiny but nicely built, not much inside though (photo below)
  • Myanmar – never heard of before lol
  • Brunei – haha got the tour in the acutal country so.. nothing new ^^;
  • Australia – only got this because the stamp was in the food area
  • Moldova – never heard of either – tiny exhibit
  • Albania – tiny exhibit also but nicer inside due to lighting display (photo below)
  • Pacific islands – easy to get into because towards the end of the day, not that popular and also lots of smaller exhibits inside means higher concentration of stamps (free too!)  but also a lot of exhibits were very similar –> French Polynesia, Samoa, Cook Islands, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Tonga, Fiji, Nauru, Kiribati, Niue, Marshall Islands, Palau, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Micronesia

Warning 2 – the following photos are extremely touristy – just to show the uniqueness of the exterior design of the some exhibits and get a feel of what expo was like

I love my dot points haha..

so China in summary

  • lots of nice scenery to take awesome photos
  • food – got sick of fatty, oily chinese food – but I think its only because we had set meals/ on the other hand – hotel buffet bfast = awesome – dumplings for breakfast? yes please!
  • rude, pushy, spitting chinese people = dislike (but I hope they aren’t all like that!)
  • taxi’s not so bad – but may require some Chinese language knowledge XD
  • air bad – allergies bleh
  • cheap! well most places where they don’t rip you off anyway
  • night life – didnt see much, most shops close at 9.30/10pm
  • go again?? hmm.. at this point – iffy, maybe to see the Great Wall someday, and eat peking duck =3

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  1. Moon
    November 18, 2010 at 11:21 am (8 years ago)

    The girl is on the Moon

  2. Shanghainese Dumpling
    November 19, 2010 at 12:49 am (8 years ago)

    Thanks for popping by myblog :) you photos looked amazing!!!


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